Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jr Striders Breakfast Party

A year has passed and looking back brings a lot of memories. We have seen the many benefits of running. And perhaps the most important benefit is that it has been the avenue to build friendships. This Christmas, I thank God for allowing me to make plenty of PRs... or Personal Relationships.

One morning, with my Fort Striders family, we spend the time bonding at Josh' place were we ate Glen Pogi's ultimate longanisa. We also had a taste of protein packed Australian cereals care of Kuya Melvin. It was a time of stories not just about running but pretty much anything under the sun such as Regie's lovelife and Glen's future business plans.

We finished the day with our stomach and hearts filled with longanisa and laughter. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Antipolo Run

What a great way to end year 2008 but with a great run of course. Not a race, but a run with running buddies. It was also our so called farewell run for Wilbert who would be leaving for the US this 1st of January. It was my first time to be doing a run to Antipolo.

I was with Mikey, Vimz, Wilbert, Bobby and Tanya as we started off from Brookside Ville and then after 2KM of running we did our warmup. From that point onward there were so many steep ascent all the way to our destination - the Antipolo church. The whole jorney, although challenging was fun especially when you get to talk with a group of runners. We had plenty of photo ops at our destination and Vimz and I got to buy some Antipolo suman!

Heading back home was also a different experience. We passed by a different route and encountered the steepest downhill road. According to Mikey, he had ran on the steep road in which he couldn't stop because of the momentum. So we just slowly walked downhill, and had some photo ops.

We got back tired and happy. We had to part ways with Bobby and Tanya after. I rode with Mikey together with Vimz and Wilbert and we ended the day by having a brunch at Tiendecitas

To Wilbert, God Bless on your LA Marathon training. Hanap ka na ng training route sa Seattles.

I'm looking forward for another long run next year. :) Btw, thanks for Vimz for the photos.. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Night Runs

For most runners many already hit the road around 5am doing their morning runs. This is to avoid the heat of the sun and the only time where they can fit a run in their schedule. For this week though most of my runs are during the evening. I end work at 6pm, reach home at around 630pm and run going to Bonifacio Highstreet and head back home.

Evening runs has its own unique impact to your running experience. Its more quiet since there aren't that many runners who run in the evening. Its only when I get to Bonifacio Highstreet where I would see few people running around the area. I also feel so peaceful while running at night.

So again for tonight, I will hit the road. Care to join me?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yakult 10 Miler and Dream Match

2 major events happened this weekend. First is the Yakult 10 mile run which most non-runners doesn't really care about and second is the Dream Match between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La-Hoya and every Filipino knows about this.

Let me give a brief recap on my 16K run during the Yakult 10 mile race. I arrived on the scene of the race 15 minutes before the start of the race. It took me some time though to enter the chute and the reason is really a long story so I won't be mentioning about that. When the gun sounded, I wasn't actually inside the chute yet. I hurried to have my bib checked and ran. Along the way I saw Josh and Regie pacing each other. Regie my pacing partner was suppose to pace Josh for the whole course, but Josh insisted that if Regie wants to pace with me he could do so. So to Josh, thanks for letting Regie join me during the race. This was also the race where I'll be able to test my new Garmin 305 for its longest run within a week. Unfortunately, I got disoriented when the gun sounded that I forgot to press the start button, not until around kilometer 2 of the race. Anyway I had fun running this course and I'm grateful to Regie for not leaving me during the whole race. I finished with an unofficial time of 1:13 and 34 seconds. This was my first 16K race so theres a PR for 16K. After the race though, we were in a hurry to leave and have breakfast at Rockwell so that we can get to Makati Sports on time for the Manny Pacquiao bout. We weren't even able to attend the awarding. I saw the takbo.ph gathering area early before the race but its unfortunate that we didn't had enough time to drop by.

About the Manny Pacquiao bout, well, I'm sure most if not all have seen the fight so I don't have to give a recap about that. But I'd like to mention that Maywheather Sr. was not totally wrong about what he mentioned about Dream Match being a circus. He was right in saying it was a mismatch. His mistake was he voted in the wrong guy.

Congratulations to all who ran the Yakult 10 miler and of course to the pride of our country Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

P.S. I got the photo from Vimz. Thanks Vimz!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sad on Missing the Nike Training this Week

Last Tuesday, I had all my things prepared for the Nike training at Ultra but I wasn't prepared with what was about to happen during the day. Early at work I experienced intense pain at my left molar. It was the tooth where a piece had been chip off long time ago and I didn't bother to had it checked by a dentist. Not until last Tuesday when the pain began to be unbearable. After miraculously enduring the pain at work, I decided to had it checked. A simple visit with the dentist turned out to be a long painful root canal procedure. We finished around 9pm therefore missing the Nike training. My next available appointment though would be on Friday (apparently that was the next available schedule for the doctor) and it will also be after work. I might be able to miss the Nike training this Friday as well, unless the next procedure is quick.

But.. I'll be joining the Yakult run this weekend so for my running friends, see you all there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nike Park ULTRA Training Week 2

This training program organized by Nike Park and handled by Coach Rio is really a blessing to many runners and those who wants to get into running. In fact, it is so organized, and the trainers (including Coach Rio) are so dedicated to help us achieve our goals. And to think that the training program is free! I would like to thank Nike Park and Coach Rio for giving us the opportunity to learn and for helping us to achieve our goals. Its truly appreciated in the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday was a speed session. We did a 3x200 in 3 sets. The distance was short for every repeat, but the speed was fast. I went there with my friend Narod who was previously part of UP LB track team. He is actually very fast. I'm not actually surprised since his records are of short or middle distances. If I'm not mistaken, his 5K PR is around 17minutes for a 5K.

After the training we did some core abdominal exercises. During one of the exercise my abdominal muscles curled and it was painful. This clearly shows how I lack some core strengthening exercises. We ended the session with some stretching exercises. This was actually hard for me since I'm so inflexible.

It was also nice to see familiar faces such as Mark, Jaymie, Tiffin, Wilbert, Chris, Marvs, Vimz, Dennis, Kat and other runners who hopefully won't castigate me if I forgot to mention their names here. I may not have been able to chat with you guys that much and its our fault for arriving late, but I guess we'll see each other next week, or this Friday for our 5K tempo run at Bonifacio Highstreet.

After the training, somebody can shoot me by telling this - Narod and I tried the ultimate sisig at Ay See. It's just in front of Ultra and there are lots of cars parked outside the karinderya so you won't miss it. I would really recommend trying them at least ones in your lifetime. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend 5K Race Part 2 (Animo Run)

This was the event I was really anticipating for since I've joined the Alumni category, and just maybe I can get the chance to get the alumni category at this one. As I arrived at the venue with my wife, we visited the rest rooms and I lined up in front of the starting. I told my wife I'd try to race this one. I'm not sure what pace I'd try to maintain, but I told myself I'd give my all for this one. When the gun sounded I tried to run and maintain a 4 to 4:15 min/km pace. I tried to overtake as many as I can until I got to the point of overtaking the 10K runners who ran 5minutes earlier. I was consistent in pacing this runner with a grey sando and boy he's really fast. I told myself I'll keep up pacing with him until the end of the 5K whatever it takes. All along the course I felt great following this runner with the grey sando. Then I reached the finish line. But here is the bad part, at the shoot, the guy getting the tags asked me where my barcode was. I looked at my race bib and the barcode was gone! I was told the guy that it might have fell somewhere in the middle of the race. I also told him that I was at the alumni division. The guy then told me, "Sir doon kayo sa kabilang lane". I was like "what?". So I crossed and went at the DLSU lane. I told the girl who was suppose to take the barcode at that lane that I was an alumni. She was holding a piece of paper at that time and she wrote my number in that piece of paper and I can see clearly that in the DLSU lane I was the 3rd finisher. But, there she wrote that I had no barcode. I asked her if there could be a problem with the results if I didn't have a barcode and she said that they already wrote my number. As I left the shoot I knew I'd have a good chance of getting the alumni category. Besides, the first two might probably be a DLSU student or an athlete. My time in my watch was 21:07. Again, not a PR, but at least is the fastest 5K I've run for the past 3 months.

After the race, the best part was when I got to talk with other runner bloggers such as Nora, Vener, Jerry, Dennis, and Jinoe. We had some photo sessions and then when the winners were being announced I told them I'd check the results. My wife was there to accompany me during the announcement.

While the winners were being announced, a lot of runners were complaining. It seems like the real winners in the top 10 male and female were mixed up. This is also true with the age category. In fact Nora my friend who is already 50 years old (oks lang ah sabihin ko age mo?) did not get any prize. The announcer said there was no women 50years in above who ran the event. But it wasn't true. Nora finished the 5K and she deserved to get the prize. Anyway, this part of the event was disastrous. Poor announcers, some runners are blaming and shouting at them. They weren't the organizers, so its but right that all complaints aren't addressed to them. I saw the girl announcer walking out of frustration. My wife and I stayed for 30 more minutes waiting for the DLSU category to be announced, but because of the problems with the 5K and 10K open categories, a girl announced that for the DLSU category, the winners will instead be texted. Of course for me this was dissapointing. I'm no longer expecting a text or call from them. I have a feeling that since I didn't have any barcode, I'd forfeit the chance of getting a prize. I'm not really after the gift pack anyway. I'd just be happy getting the medal if I really deserved it.

Oh well, at least I had a great run. I just wonder how the others did at the UNICEF run.

Weekend 5K Race Part 1 (Race for Life)

It was my first time to do two races in two consecutive days last weekend. I know I know... I've broken one of the sacred rules in racing. But the original plan was to run a slow 5K and pace my wife during the Race for Life and race my heart out at the Animo run and hopefully get the chance to win the alumni category.

Anyway that was the plan, not until race day of the Real Life Foundation. When I arrived at the venue I was battling with my competitive nature. There was a part of me that wanted to give my all, and a part of me that wanted to hold back. We arrived at the place 20 minutes before the race was to start and I saw many familiar faces from church. When we entered the starting area I stayed with my wife at the back of the crowd. And so it seems that I'd be taking this one easy. The 10K runners ran first and there was a 5minutes interval before our turn to run. When the gun sounded, me and my wife started walking and everybody were passing us by. My wife started to jog then she told me, "cge takbo ka na". Was that a sign or what? I saw Mark a friend from taft church and told him to accompany my wife, but I guess he was busy talking to the phone (during the race) and he didn't notice me. Anyway, I decided to do my best for the whole 5k. At the back of my mind, I said "bahala na if I'll still have enough to race the Animo run tomorrow". I did my best and finished the race at 21minutes 49seconds. It wasn't a PR but I was happy to place some effort in running this one. I'm excited to see the results.

After the race, I had some photo sessions with some of my friends. Pastor Ado, Pastor Nixon, Omar and many other friends.

After the race, I, my wife and daughter ate at Mc Donalds. I was so blessed to spend my Saturday morning run with my family.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Racing the Short Ones (Animo Run, Real Life Run)

My very first race was the Adidias Run For Love 10K, and ironically I jumped right away to a 10K before even trying a 5K race. In fact it took many other 10K races, even a whole marathon before I officially ran my first 5K.

Yes its easy to finish a 5K race, but to my opinion, its incredibly difficult to race it. I've survived and maintained a pace in long distances such as a 15K race. But it was in the 5K event were I experienced stopping in the middle of the road trying to gasp for air.

Tomorrow and this coming Sunday I've registered to two racing events. The 5K at the Real Life Foundation run and another 5K at the animo run. Its actually my first time to race two consecutive races. Knowing that they are both 5Ks kinda scares me.

See you at the races this weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My friend Ben has put up this quite amazing idea of a Photo Vendo for runners. If you see some camera men during races, thats probably them and they'll be taking pictures of you running at different angles. Now here is the best part. If you plan to order some pictures, all you need to do is go to this site http://beta.photovendo.ph, enter your race number, and all your running pictures during the race gets displayed. You can choose and order the pictures you want and pay via BDO, VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Pay Pal.

This is definitely a good news for us runners. Not to mention they really take great shots of you running.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

VSO 15K Run

It was pretty nice to see all the different runners, and bloggers who joined this event. It was actually my first time to meet Wayne, Levy and Nora. While gathering at the starting line a couple of minutes before the gun starts, I talked with Wayne, Nora and took some photos with them. Early that morning, I wasn't even feeling that well maybe due to the recent flu I got since monday. But when I got to talk with so many runner friends at the starting line, all the feeling of uneasyness were gone. I was so happy meeting all of them. In fact, for those blogger friends I just met that day, it didn't felt like it was the first time meeting them. It felt like I've known them already for so long.

I was treating the run as my long run. I've been missing my long runs every sunday and I needed to do a long run before running the New Balance 25K. I ran along with Joe and Wayne. Early during the run, Wayne had problems with his hydration belt. It was too loose for him and so the bottles kept on falling. Me and Joe decided to help Wayne carry some of the water bottles. Joe took one and I got one as we ran along the 15K route. 5K left on the run when me and Joe were going back down the Bayani Road. The speed was faster now than the first 10K. I thought that it was okay to speed up the last 5K to at least gain some VO2Max training effect.

The hardest part was at the Mc Kinley road, but this was'nt surprise because I've ran this route before in the most recent Mizuno Infinity Run. The good thing was the turning point was changed. It was no longer at the deepest area of the road. After the turn around it becomes harder because of the steep ascent. Joe told me to go ahead. He wanted to take it easy and later I found out that after 15K he ran more kilometers. The guy is really an endurance animal and its no surprise that he was awarded by the Bald Runner with 1000KM club t-shirt. My Fort Striders friends Joy and Regie was there waiting for me so that we can run together. During the last 2KM of the run, they pushed the pace (which they always do) until I reached the finish line.

Overall it was a great race and it was well organized. All had kilometer markers, lots of rush and water and a nice wheather. Congratulations to Rio.

I was able to talk to Philip after the race. Since he was running the New Balance 25K, we talked about pacing one another during the run. Apparently Ben also plans the same thing. So I think the New Balance 25K would be a fun race running side by side with running friends. I just hope they don't push the pace harder than I can handle. But if they do, ill still stick to my plan. :)

See you guys at Clark!

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Balance Training Update

Its just a week left before the New Balance race and I was unfortunate to have been stricken by a cold which took 3 days of running from my schedule. It was only yesterday when I felt quite better. Because I badly wanted to run, I talked to my friends to join me in an evening run around the Bonifacio Highstreet. We did 12K of easy pace chatting, joking and talking about pretty much anything under the sun.. err.. moon. Who would have thought that running in the evening with friends could be so much fun.

After the run, while chatting with my friends I felt some heaviness in my back and I felt so weak. I guess I wasn't able to drink much water before the run. Good thing Jaja brought enough supply of Rush and water that helped me to get hydrated.

Now as I write, I plan to run again tonight. I feel some soreness on my throat though. I just hope the 1000mg doses of Vitamin C that I've been drinking would prevent me from getting sick again.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

4th OctobeRun Festival Results

Sorry guys if I posted this late. Apparently the results were out last tuesday and some of you might have saw it already. I wasn't aware that they have released the results. So for those who wants to see how well they did, you can find he results here: Race Results

Building Base

The most important ingredient for endurance is definitely the long runs. And with all the training I've been doing this is the ingredient that has always been compromised. Yes, tempo runs and intervals makes you fast, but long runs make you last. The reason being is that I'd be joining the New Balance race this november, and if I plan to at least survive 25KM, then I shall need those long runs.

I'm planning to make a base of 10K for most of the trainings and more than that on Sundays. The NB race this coming november will technically be my first 25K race. The previous NB races were all 10Ks. I'm planning to survive this one with a 5min/km pace. So lets see how it goes.

I hope my plantar injury will not come in the way of my training. I'll be partnering more with my Asics Nimbus 9 this time since it has more cushion. For now, New Balance 903 is benched.

This morning I did 10.23KM in 52min 41secs. Tomorrow, I hope I'll do longer. I was suppose to do the 5K holloween run this evening, but it was unfortunate that the race numbers were sold out at ROX. Oh well, maybe evening is a date with my wife.

For those who are joining the Isuzu Shake Rattle and Run later tonight, I hope you'll have a grand time. For those who will be joining the New Balance Power Race, I'll see you guys there.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks to those who Joined the OctobeRun

To all the runners, bloggers, fitness enthusiasts, friends who joined the 4th OctobeRun Festival, I would like to thank you on behalf of the Fort Strider's running club. I hope you enjoyed the race. The race results are still being processed, but it will be posted soon in www.thefortstriders.com and http://fortstriders.multiply.com once the results are out.

For the first time runners I hope this wouldn't be your last. There are races almost every week so I'll see you in most races. :)

Keep on running friends. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fastest Runner didn't Win

I've read this article from runners world: In S.F., Fastest Time Doesn't Win

The fastest runner didn't win, all because she didn't declare herself as an Elite runner? I was like WHAT??? She never got a sub 3 hours in all her previous marathons, and when she got a 12 minute PR, she did not win. And now according to the race officials its her fault for being modest not to consider herself an Elite??

Monday, October 20, 2008

Botak Paabilisan Good Race Day

Its been a long time since my last 5K run at JAL run and I'm about to race again. I could still remember my last JAL run and I'm sure many would agree that a 5K run is equally difficult, or even scarier than racing a 10K if your planning to race it really well. What scares me about 5K races is that the one training ingredient necessary to race this distance well, is the one I always keep on missing. Yes, I've been missing a lot of speedwork sessions.

But I missed this distance so much that I wanted to give it another shot. I've registered at BOTAK Paa-bilisan. As I arrived at the race venue there where like 1000 plus runners in the area. I saw Joms who would be running the 10K distance after claiming my race kit from BOTAK staff.

I was again gonna pace with my friend Regie (supposedly) througout the race. When the gun sounded I tried to get away from the traffic of the crowed and started running as fast as I can. I couldn't find Regie because of the many runners running, but I know somewhere he'll find me and with be running together soon. True to what I thought just after 500 meters Regie appeared out of no where and we were running together. While nearing Lawton avenue I saw Joms. Joms is the ultimate Happy Feet target and if he was running 10K, he's sure is fast. I could see my heart rate quickly shoot to 170 after the first 1K. At 2K it was already reaching 180. On the 3rd kilometer it was reaching 186. Nearing the fourth kilometer my feet began to burn! It haven't felt such sensation before but it felt like overheating. I also felt gasping for air. I knew I need to slow down. I tried, but it seems my heart rate is stuck to 180 plus. So I did the worst or maybe wisest decision to stop and walk as I tried to have my heart rate fall. By this time Regie vanished within my site. Many other runners had passed by including Joms. My spirits were down at that point, but I wanted to race and finish the 5K race running than walking. So I started running again. I kept up my pace until I reached Joms again. I decided to pace with him until finish (Note that he's running 10K). The last 500 meters, Joms motivated me to try and add speed to my pace until the finish. So I tried doing what he said until I reached the finish line (Thanks Joms!). I clocked 21 minutes and 50 seconds (I think). But I need to get the official time from Botak to be sure. I may have called this race a bad race day. But I'm taking this one as a good lesson learned. I've learned to still continue to pace evenly even in short races as 5K. Amidst not being able to get a PR, I was still able to enjoy the race. In fact after the race I got to meet blogger friends Run Unltd, Bro J and Running Fatboy (Thanks Bro J for the wonderful pics). I also got a picture with Ms Elma Muros. To Oknoy and the Botak peeps, congratulations for a great race. Now the only bad race day is if you aren't able to race. But everytime ill finish a race may it be a PR or not, it should either be a good race or a great race.

See you guys on the next races. Keep on running and racing!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

4th OctobeRun Race Route

Hi runners and bloggers. For those of you who are asking the OctobeRun race route, its really a common and rewarding route. From NBC tent you go up to Bayani Road leading toward Heritage park and u-turn at the C-5 going back to where you started. My advice is reserve enough energy until the U-turn point because from that point on is a long uphill.

Btw www.thefortstriders.com is temporarily out of service so you can access the multiply site instead: http://fortstriders.multiply.com/

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Signup at www.RunnerPlus.com

Its true that the best things in life are free.

A friend and our pastor Nixon asked me to join this website www.runnerplus.com. Compared to all the other running sites I know, this one took my attention. Yes www.runnersworld is still the ultimate website for all the running info, jargons and tools. But www.RunnerPlus.com is one site that motivates you even further. The best thing about this tool is that its free.

If you know facebook and friendster, then this one is pretty much the same. You log your runs and your friends can see them. You can check out how other runners train. You could even try and check how the elite runners train, and maybe try to train as closely like them.

Best of all, the site provides several challenges where you can join like fastest 10K, furthest in a week, furthest in 365 days.

I joined the furthest in 365 days challenge which was created by Pastor Ado. For those of you who have signed up please comment in this blog or you can look for me at the site and invite me. My runnerplus name is "Taki".

Hope you guys signup and lets motivate each other to run further and faster.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Adidas King of the Road Results

The Adidas KOTR Race results are out. I found out about it from the Bull Runner's blog and the race results were taken from runningDATcom's blog.

You can find out about it here: The Bull Runner

Although the KOTR race wasn't a PR for me, I was pretty surprised to see that I'm still within the top 5% finishers.

My next race will be this saturday. The 8K Anta run (I forgot the whole title of the race). See you there. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Calibrated at Last!

It was a sign of relief when I was able to calibrate my watch just this morning at the Rizal Memorial stadium. I know I've broken the sacred rest rule after every race, but I was restless to make sure my watch registering distances accurately.

I woke up as early as 5am, got my bike and from our place biked 11K to Rizal memorial. It was a good warm up to calibrate my watch. True to what I've thought, my watch is way out of synced with the track's distance.

After calibrating my watch, tested it with 3 more laps in the 400meter inner loop to make sure its pretty accurate. Now it registered 1.19KM for 3 laps and I was happy it was accurate already.

I was happy I was able to hit two birds with one stone today: Calibrate my watch, and train. I'm calling tomorrow a rest day. :)

My Watch Cheated on Me

I just found out from The Bull Runner that the race distance was acutally accurate. It registered 10.02k on her garmin. Now my Suunto really neads some serious calibration. I'd better get to an oval track soon to calibrate my watch. Tomorrow is suppose to be rest day. But... I just can't wait to have this watch calibrated. It would be a total bummer knowing your training logs are all wrong.

For those who ran the KOTR congratulations. :) Ill see you guys soon on the next races.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Adidas King of the Road Recap

For the longest time I was to run another 10K race. I was kinda anxious about this race because I had been missing so many trainings. But nevertheless I wanted to run a good race. Actually I'm not really sure what pace to run so I decided to rely mainly on my heart rate monitor and maintain a 90% effort throughout the duration of the race. This way I wouldn't have to worry about thinking if I did enough or not at the end. As long as I did my best, regardless of the time, thats enough to make me happy about finishing the race.

It wasn't a PR for me. I finished the race with a time of 44:19. However my Suunto watch said a different story. It registered the distance to be 11.14KM??? And at the 10K mark it was 39:44. Now I don't believe my watch. Maybe it needs to be calibrated. (If my watch was saying the truth, which I highly doubt, then it could be a PR). I would appreciate someone with Garmin to tell the distance that registered on their watch.

Anyway it was a great race and I'm glad I did my best to race it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Bicycle Test

Have you asked the question: How long will an unchained bicycle last in a city street. An Argentinian publicist has set out an experiment to gauge the crime rate in a city by leaving an unchained bicycle in different streets and counting the time it takes before it gets stolen. He used hidden cameras and cheap bicycles as a bait. The assumption is simple. If it takes longer for a bike to be stolen, then chances are the crime rate on that city is low. You can see the full article in this link:
How safe is your city? Put it to the bicycle test

I wonder how long will it take for a unchained Road Bike to get stolen? I'd never ever do that with my bike. No Way!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Adidas Race Jitters

My first 10K was the Adidas run at Mall of Asia last year and now its another 10K Adidas race for me. I'm kinda nervous about this race. Not that I might not be able to finish it, but of being able to get my desired race time. I know many has happend recently such as my heel injury, 2 weeks of hibernating from a run, and a total lack of long runs. I don't know how much fitness is lost, but its always the race that gauges it.

Oh well... maybe I'm just putting too much pressure on myself. I need to enjoy it. Its not called a FUN run for nothing. :)

Ah... right.. just enjoy the run... and meet new friends. :)

See you guys at the KOTR.

Monday, October 6, 2008

White Rock Triathlon Oct 4

It was my first time last Saturday to watch live a half iron man event which involved 2KM swim, 90KM bike and 21KM run. It was also my first time to volunteer in assisting on a race event. I was to list down all the triathletes who would pass by the 8th kilometer mark of the run leg. Since my friend Glenn was the run leg race director, he handed me the task. Three of my friend joined the race: Reva, Joy, and Norman. I saw then pass by and I felt a little bit of envy from these guys. At the same time I felt proud that they are there racing one of the country's most difficult races.

Watching every triathlete passing by the 8KM leg, you will really see how difficult it was just to continue with the run leg after 2KM swim, and grueling 90KM bike. I could imagine their legs to be so numb already, and worst of all is they still need to finish 12KM. What makes it even harder is that the last 21K is in the middle of the sun's heat. We runners normally run in the morning to avoid getting sun burned, or dehydrated. But could you imagine all your energy has almost been consumed, and there is still 21KM to go in the middle of the day when the sun is about to take the littlest water you have in your body. I just watched in awe as every triathlete passed by.

For every finisher, regardless of you time congratulations. For the last runner who finished after the organizers packed the finish line, you have my salute. I saw him enter the venue almost limping and saw him fall on the ground because maybe his legs was already numb. But what blew me away was I saw his smile. Regardless of his place in the race, I'm sure he was one of the happiest to finish a feat not many can do. To finish a half iron man.

To my friends Reva, Joy and Norman, congratulations for finishing the race. To Reva, congratulations for getting the 3rd spot in your age category.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Haile did it again!

Sunday at Berlin was another Marathon World Record for Haile Gebrselassie at a time of 2:03:59 breaking his previous World record of 2:04:26. To those of you who might be curious how fast that is... well, its 2:53/km. I find it hard to sprint that fast!

Haile mentioned though he could still do a 2:03:30. He said there are too many good runners and that he still needs to run faster. According to Haile, its possible anyone can break 2:03:59 at any day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Running for P.E. classes

I've read this article from RunnersWorld.com in this link: Marathon 101.

The first thing that came into my mind is that this is a great idea! Maybe some schools(Highschool, Colleges) have already included running as part of their P.E. curriculum, but during our time (just a couple of years back :P), our P.E. class focused mainly on Basketball, swimming, table tennis, soccer, and uhm.. ball room dancing. I'm not talking about plain athletics, or physical fitness exercise that we used to do in our highschool P.E. class, but a rigid curriculum that will help students achieve a goal such as completing a 10K, half marathon, or perhaps even a full marathon. To my opinion and maybe because I'm biased about running, this is a good idea for various reasons:

1.) It helps students to live a healthy lifestyle
2.) Help them achieve goals they thought isn't possible
3.) Its cheap and doesn't require student's parents for additional expenditures
4.) Hey its also fun!

So highschool principals and college directors should consider putting this into their curriculum.

Short Runs

A couple of weeks ago I was desperate to run, but I couldn't, no thanks to my ankle injury that forced me to lay low for a while (thank goodness it didn't force me to retirement). But I'm happy to be back at my feet doing my daily runs. But there were a bit of changes to my running routine lately, and maybe I'm either more prudent now or just plain paranoid for doing only short runs. This time around, I'm paying more attention to any form of pain I'd experience during my run. If it creeps in, I'd slow down, but if it doesn't I'd probably be the happiest runner on the road. All my runs so far ranges from 5K to 7K and there have been more rest days in between. Like last week, I alloted 3 rest days to have my ankle recover a little bit from any pounding. But short as my runs are, 2 to 3 runs of the week still remains in a high intensity pace. But most of the time they are just 5Ks or 6Ks. And nope, no greater than 7K high intensity. I think at this point in time running tempos at 7K and above could be dangerous to my ankle. But anyway lets see how the training goes. My mind is still set for the Adidas KOTR, but I'm still undecided if I'd try the 10K or the 21K. If all circumstance tells me to do the 21K then just maybe I'd run it. But if not, I might as well run the shorter race.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raising Hope Year 2

Lets support the Cancer Resource and Wellness Community in this fund raising program that will be held in Rockwell Center Makati on September 21, 2008 around 6am to 9am. The first CAREWELL fund raising running activity was held last year. Heres the link of my old post: http://takicutie.blogspot.com/2007_10_01_archive.html
I was privileged to be there and it was very memorable to me. The reason being, is that it was the very first running activity I joined. It was the place where I was able to meet new running friends and buddies. It was also the first activity that helped me to see how fun running can be. During that time, I haven't joined a single race yet.

Now for the second time around, in cooperation with New Balance and Planet Sports, this fund raising activity will once again be held in the same venue. This is a walk/run for a cause fund raising activity that invites everyone who wants to support CAREWELL and who wants to build a healthy lifestyle.

For those who would be joining this running event for the first time, take note that this is not a race, so there aren't any finish line. All you need to do is run around Powerplant while wearing the CAREWELL baller bands. Its up to you how far or long you want to run. So just run, meet new friends and enjoy the event.

See you there. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The 4th OctobeRun Festival is Open for Registration

For those who already like to register, I would like to announce that the 4th OctobeRun festival is now open for registration at R.O.X. Bonficaio HighStreet Fort Bonifacio Global City

For more info about the race you can refer to my previous post: OctobeRun Previous Post or you can visit the FortStriders site at:

See you at the race.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Trip

My ankle injury has been the longest injury I've had and it took more than two weeks of running from me. On the first week of the injury, I had to resort to lots of cross training that opened doors for me to experience cycling and swimming. The second week of my injury was another adventure, but unfortunately it did not involve running, cycling, nor swimming. It was a trip to Kuala Lumpur with my family.

Since I am unable to run nor cross train, the next best exercise is a long walk. And walking definitely fits our agenda at KL.

If you have been to Malaysia before, you would know that riding a taxi cab can be expensive. Fortunately, the guest house where we stayed was at the center of the city and is walking distance to most places of tourist attraction. The Petronas tower for example in my estimate is 3KM away from where we were staying.

We had only 3 basic agendas during the trip. Eat, Shop, and Sight See. Here are some pictures of our trip:






We stayed at KL for 4 days 3 nights and as a Tech geek I had to at least get a hold of some of their cheap digital gadgets.

We went to the Digital Mall and I was blown away with their really cheap gadgets. I was able to buy myself an HP 120GB Portable Media Driver for only 199RM (approx. PHP2600). Also got myself a headset for only 10RM (approx PHP130).

After more than two weeks of hibernating from running, yesterday was my break. After office, I checked my ankle and there wasn't much pain and so I went to the gym and hit the treadmill. Although it was a treadmill run, it was so sweet. It was my first run after 2 long weeks of rest. I did 6K and I was happy with it. This morning I did 5K and so far, my right ankle seems to be responding well. The good thing was I was still able to tuck a bike after the run.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cross Training and Loving It

A week ago I had treadmill injury, and this is perhaps the longest injury I had. As I blog today, I can't even jog, nor walk decently. The injury is taking too long and I should be so annoyed at this point in time. This injury though paved light to a new world and it enlightened me to new sorts of training which does not involve running.

Now that I'm more into biking while I'm injured, I'm actually getting to love it. In fact, my bike is now my favorite toy next to my laptop. I'm now also able to swim during the evening and I'm happy the someone commented that I've improved my swim. Not that I'm good at it, but at least I can do laps without sinking.

I'm not sure though when I'd be able to run again. I'm still a runner and running is still my ultimate priority. This injury is taking too long though, so since I don't have a choice, I'd have to stick and enjoy my new workouts.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nike Human Race

The Nike Human race was the only race event where I was present, but wasn’t running. I really wanted to run in this event even as a bandit for not having a nike foot pod and i-pod. It was unfortunate though that I got injured last Wednesday. The ironic thing was I got injured on a treadmill. I wasn’t even running my fastest pace, nor was I running a long one. Anyway, it’s useless to mourn about something I have no control over. I decided to still go to the Nike Human race and support 2 of my friends who would be running the event. They were actually my Church’s pastors: Pastor Nixon and Pastor Ado. I may not have been able to run in this event, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy being at the venue. I may not have the same joy as the people who actually ran, but at least it was a nice time to bond with my friends, and my wife (who also joined me to watch). Here are some of the pictures and videos taken during the event:
Norman and Thesa Prieto Valdes
Me and Philip
Pastor Ado Running

Pastor Nixon Running(Still Smiling Early on the Race)

Norman Running

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Has Been Going On Recently

Its been awhile since I've last posted a blog entry. And thats because there are so many things to do and I haven't had the time to blog lately. But a lot of things has happened so far and I'd like to share them.

I know this was weeks ago so sorry for just posting it now. I had the chance to join the Mommy Milkshake run. And what makes it so special is that I was gonna run, uhm.. walk.. well run and walk with my family. Many familiar faces were there such as Jaymie, Joms and Aljo. The distance was just around 2.5 km but it was fun being with my family.

The week after was a no race day. But it was a date with my family. In the morning, we attended the Baby Sign Language seminar that was lead by none other than TBR! It was such a fun class and we had learned so many things about baby signing. This is all thanks to Jaymie. For those who have babies and toddlers younger than 2 years of age, I would recommend to join Jaymie's class. I've been trying to teach my daughter to do signing. As of now, she knows how to sign bye bye.. :) We spent the rest of the day at Richmond Hotel where we got the perks of gym, an indoor heated pool and a breakfast buffet the next day. Although I didn't run the Men's Health Miracle run, I still got to tuck a run at the treadmill. I wasn't really disappointed not to run the race since being able to spend with my family was definitely priceless. And besides, it was at the hotel where I got to run my fastest treadmill run. I was able to run 8k (which is for me long for a treadmill) at an average pace of 15.2 km/h.

Meanwhile at the Men's Health Miracle race, even if I wasn't there, I'm proud to announce that my running buddies Glenn (picture on the right) and Reggie (picture on the left) won 2nd place of the Team Relay at the Men's Health with a total time of approximately 37 minutes for 10K.

As for me for previous week, most of my runs are on a treadmill and a few runs outside. The longest I've had so far was 13 kilometer last monday at my second favorite running getaway - Makati Park.

Will hit the treadmill again tonight with my friend Omar.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Running Slows Aging According to Standford Research

To us runners this is like duh...

But to skeptics you can read on in this link: Running Slows Aging.

What makes this study important is the fact that it has proven that the health gap of runners versus non runners is extremely wide. So if you are looking for an anti-aging secret, then maybe Glutathione isn't really the best solution.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Story of the 1968 Olympic Last Place Marathoner

With all the olympic hype this month, I'd like to share a story of the 1968 Olympic last place marathon finisher.

In the year 1968 (I wasn't alive yet), as the Olympic awarding has just finished and everybody was about to pack their things and leave, the announcer began asking everyone to remain as the last runner, bloodied and limpingly entered the stadium. He was welcomed with a standing ovation. His name is John Stephen Akhwari from Tanzania. It was early on the race when John Stephen Akhwari had a terrible fall were he hit his head and broke his knee. Amidst all the circumstance, he never stopped running and limping to the finish line.

When asked why he never stopped. He said this famous line "My country did not sent me over 11,000KM to start the race, but to finish it".

This man was not the fastest nor the strongest runner, but many remembers his name until today because of his perseverance. Very few could even remember the first place finisher.

Here is a youtube link of his run: 1968 Last Place Marathoner

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Speedwork, Tempo or Both?

Has anyone tried doing a heart pounding 8x350 meter speed session followed by a 10KM tempo workout?

Normally when I have my speed sessions, its either a tempo run or a speed interval workout. And I don't do both together. It was actually my first time to both interval training and tempo training at the same time today and this is all thanks to my triathlete friend Joy Reginald Antolin (left picture). He is one of the Fort Strider's fast runners and is definitely the fastest swimmer I know personally. He is one of the athletes of Team Herbalife and he has contributed at the recent SUBIT triathlon for their team to garner the 1st place title. He also took the 14th place overall position. Now I've always wondered how this guy manages to train. This morning I was able to join him in one of his training. So the plan was 8x350 speedwork. Then a sub 50 minute 10K workout. He said that nearing the competition it will be more like 10x400 and a longer tempo. But what made me realize how serious he is with his Triathlon training is when I accidentally saw him one night at Bonifacio High Street around 9PM doing another speed session and I saw him on the same day doing the same thing in the morning. I haven't even mentioned about his Cycling training and Swim training and who knows where he tucks those.

To Joy, keep up the training, and I hope you get the prize at the White Rock Triathlon.

Btw, the guy on the right is The Fort Strider's club vice president Norman Pascual. Also a member of Team Herablife and a certified TI swimmer.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Running on Treadmills

I've looked through the internet for opinions about which is harder: running on a treadmill or running outside. Some says running outside is harder because of the wind resistance. Others says the treadmill because its boring. There was even an article that says adding a percent incline on a treadmill makes it harder since the force of wind resistance is negligible. So it seems that this has been an ongoing debate.

Since its rainy season here, I had no other choice than to run on a treadmill. Hence this curious question came about. For a couple of days lately, a lot of my runs are being done on a treadmill and so I have my personal answer to the question which is harder. For me personally, I felt that its harder to run on a treadmill because it requires a lot of patience to run at one place where the view is monotonous. Running on treadmill makes me miss the air gushing to my face and the view of The Fort and other runners passing by.

So far, the longest treadmill run that I've done is 47 minutes. Most of my runs are just between 20 to 30 minutes. But to compensate on the mileage lost, I try to run at my tempo pace.

Here are some of my treadmill workouts:

1.) Distance: approx 11KM
Average Pace: 13.5KPH
Time: approx 47 minutes

2.) Distance: approx 6KM
Average Pace: 14KPH
Time: approx 25 minutes

3.) Distance: approx 5KM
Average Pace: 13.5KPH
Time: approx 21 minutes

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4th October Run Festival teams with Real Life Foundation

This coming October the 4th October Run Festival's theme is "The Start of A New Life". Looking back at the past I would say that running has helped me live a healthier lifestyle. I'm sure many runners if not all could name tons of benefits of running not just physically but also psychologically.

This time around not only the runners will benefit from the event, but also those young people who are less fortunate to pursue a higher degree of education.

The Fort Striders has teamed up with Real Life Foundation who's vision is to help less fortunate young people pursue their dreams in this event. So running the event means no matter how fast you cross the line, you are a winner in many young people's eye who cannot afford a good education.

The Race will be held at the Fort NBC Tent on October 26, 2008 and it will start at exactly 6:00am. There will be 3 events namely 3K Boys and Girls Division, 5K Men and Women, and 10K Men and Women. Start of Registration is to be announced. Once registered, the race packet and shirt will be given. Furthermore a training CD will be provided for all those who registered after the race. This will be useful for those who would like to seriously pursue running as their sport.

The prices are as follows:

3K Boys and Girls (Must be 12yrs old and below):
Champion: P1500
Runner-up: P1000
3rd Place: P500

5K Men and Women
Champion: P3000
Runner-up: P2000
3rd Place: P1000

10K Men and Women
Champion: P4000
Runner-up: P3000
3rd Place: P2000

For age category winners: Medal & Gift Packs

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Northface 100 Trail Run Nasugbu Batangas

I've wanted to try trail running for the longest time. It is the perfect combination of nature and running. Yes I love running, and I also enjoy hiking. So the best part about the TNF100 is I get to do nature tripping and running all together.

We arrived at Evercrest Nasugbu Batangas which was the venue of the race event around 3am. I was with 4 people in the trip. I was with Edward, Greg, Atty Arnie and Reva.

We were too early so we had to nap for an hour before we started getting our race numbers. Apparently, there were some mixed-up with me and Reva's race numbers. We were expecting to be included in the 20K race but we eventually found out we were registered for the 10K. We had to ask the race organizers to switch back our race category to 20K. To cut the long story short, we still got to run the 20K.

So the race started with an uphill route. Then the road vanished the next thing you know we were running in mud. At first you would notice how the runners would try to avoid the mud. But when our shoes got so soaked with mud during the run, no one already minded the dirt.

I was to assist Reva for the whole 20K. I helped her carry her belt bag containing sports drink, chocolates, make up kit and lipstick (hehe I was kidding about the makeup kit and lipstick). The race was extremely different from the other races that I've joined, making this run my 2nd favorite race (next to my first marathon at pasig). The terrain was so muddy and slippery. There were plenty of uphill (especially the last part of the 10K loop where it was like 3KM all uphill). We also had to cope with the situation when it rained when we were at the 5KM mark. Somewhere at 7KM there was a steep descent and so we needed to slowly go down in order to avoid injuries. The bad news is if we are to steeply go down, then you expect a steep incline. Surely there was a steep incline and we were no longer running but climbing. Then the last 3K for the first loop was all incline perhaps around 30 degrees incline. After reaching the turn around it was time to do the grueling loop once again. This time it was harder since the mud became muddier and more slippery. It was maybe because of the rain. I was keeping an eye of our back if there are other women following us, but it looks like all is clear. It looks like Reva is way in front of other women runners. Slowly we reached the finish line very happy with what we just experienced. And oh, btw Reva garnered the 3rd women overall position. Congratulations to Reva. Congratulations also to all the finishers especially those who finished the 100KM solo. 20KM of trail is hard enough. Imagine running 100KM of mud trail. These guys are absolutely awesome!

The next part was also great. We bonded and ate Bulalo at Tagaytay. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My First Biking Experience Around the Metro

I've been longing to give my bike a tour of the metro but I was too scared doing it alone. So who best to ask than someone who would never say no to an answer when it comes to bike rides. And thats Marga. I never intended to stroll too far from my place for one, it might not be a good idea since I'll be running the tnf100 half marathon trail run the next day.

I met Marga at ROX and our first stop was at 711 were I bought a bottle of rush. Then we headed to Mall of Asia and did two rounds in the area. We then headed to CCP where during the ride we saw Mon running. We had breakfast at Jollibee before we headed to Coastal mall, Moonwalk and then to Merville where we passed by my folks place. Marga got to meet Ayanna, the daughter of my brother and Mavic my sister and they had a little chat about, well, work. :) Then we went to service road going back to Villamor. Then I headed back home from Villamor passing by the Fort. I think I logged approximately 50K for the tour. It was my first bike ride and it was really great. Ang dami mo ng binibinyagan Marga.. hehe...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Asics Gel Nimbus 9

The Asics Gel Nimbus 9 has just arrived last Saturday as a padala from my mom. The first time I saw it, it was really beautiful!! It was in fact to be the most beautiful and most expensive running shoe I've owned. I got the Chrome Yellow Nimbus 9 as shown in the picture. But wait, beautiful as it is, but does it really deserve to be last years Runner's World Editor's choice shoe? It was tagged as the best Running Shoe that was ever built last year.

So the Tech spec once again will have to test this IGS, trustic system, and all those technological jargons Asics has been telling us about the nimbus 9. And what best to test it than a Sunday long run.

For years I had been a New Balance fan, and specifically a fan of their Lightweight trainers. This time around I'm about to try a cushioned shoe.

For the first kilometers I wasn't that impressed. First of all, its heavier, and contrary to my New Balance shoes, it doesn't have enough toe room as my old trainers. But for kilometers, I kept going and going, and I wasn't feeling any pain at all.

I finished the long run and there wasn't any pain after. I was suprised this morning when I woke up that my legs felt fresh. It even wants a run today even if monday is my running rest day. I have to give credit to Asics Gel Nimbus 9 for this. So the verdict: Asics Gel is a great shoe if you want to pile up the miles. Probably its a very good shoe to use on your marathon or half marathon.

1.) Great Cushioning
2.) Beautiful
3.) Fashionable, even for casual gimmicks.

1.) Pricy
2.) Heavier than lightweight trainers

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Roadie at Last

Yes I love running and I love giving myself a boost of those endorphins. But at times when I'm in dear need of recovery, the bed isn't my thing. So, I got myself a Roadie. I'm no bike fanatic but I guess 20K for this roadie ain't bad.

Tested it, it kinda felt good riding on it (Again, I'm not familiar with bike fitting stuff) so there, I got it. So now I have two companions: New Balance 903, and my Specialized Roadie.

Monday, July 14, 2008

One La Salle Experience

The One Lasalle race event to me is one of my highly anticipated event. Its not because its a race event organized by my Alma Matter, but because my wife and daughter will also be running in the race. As this race is called One Lasalle One Family, then I was to run with my family in the 3K category. I may have missed a week of running, but I'd be happy to run a 3K along with family.

But it was unfortunate when we arrived, drizzles of rain kept pouring. Even worse when the race gun sounded, the rain began to pour even harder. We decided that its wiser for my daughter and wife to skip the run. As I was carrying the umbrella, I assisted them to the tents while the 3K runners are off and gone. My wife told me to start running the 3K. I wasn't sure I was in the mood already. In fact, I really felt bad with the situation, and yes, I was frustrated. But these things really happen and all you need to do is to make the best out of the situation. After a few minutes I made up my mind to at least finish the race and reap some training benefits.

It was still drizzling but I didn't care. I pressed my watch and ran. I passed by the thousands of people walking, overtook them and slowly I was able to see and overtook 3K runners who were in running mode (at least). It was a short run but at least I did it at tempo pace and I was happy I still ran the race.

After finishing it took me some time to find my wife and daughter. I thought they were at Bonifacio Highstreet but apparently they were just at the finish line waiting.

After meeting them, I met up with my brother and we had breakfast at Seattles Best.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 Days without Running

Indeed for this week I had zero running. And most of these days were spent in bed. I wish I had a choice but I didn't have any. Monday was my rest day and starting tuesday until yesterday I had a fever bursting from 38 to 39 degrees celcius. The worst part is, I practically had no idea what has caused it. It was so frustrating but nevertheless I had to cope with reality. Hopefully I'll get a chance to run tomorrow and get a hit once again of those endorphins. Perhaps its one way our body can humble us telling us to keep it easy. Anyway looking at the bright side, my legs feels so much fresh.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Say Hello to the New Balance 903

As I payed tribute to two of my running shoes for the past year in a previous post, its time to get a new pair of running shoes. I've been a fan of New Balance shoes especially their Lightweight Trainers. I have been so impressed with 902 that I decided to get myself the upgrade which is 903. Thanks to Levy for helping me decided to get this shoes.

New Balance 903 looks similar with 902 except that its color yellow. As of now, I cannot say for a fact that its better than the 902 since I have only used it ones in last sunday's race. So far the feel is very much the same with the 902. I'm happy with the color, and its very comfortable. I was able to use it out of the box with no break-in at all.

I give credit for the shoe for helping me survive last sunday's race even if I was still experiencing some leg pains due to a previous race(Rush to Mizuno Infinity). What I like about the shoe, which is consistent with most New Balance running shoes is the high toe room which is very helpful in avoiding blisters.

About other reviews from shoe critics, New Balance 903 is this year's Runner's World Editor's Choice awardee. Check this site for more info: http://www.snewsnet.com/cgi-bin/snews/11775.html

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tiktakbo Recap

This month of June has already been fully booked for races. Last week was the Rush to Mizuno Infinity, today was the Tik-Takbo, next week would be the One La Salle run, and the week after would be the TNF100. The week after that would be the Milo marathon, but I’ve yet to decide if I’ll push myself to joining that. Anyway for this Sunday’s race was Tik-Takbo at UP.

We arrived at the race venue and got to talk with Rio. I finally met Passion Runner (Eric). I tried to examine my legs and they still hurt since the Rush to Mizuno Infinity Run last Sunday. The night before this race, my friend Omar called me and we found out that we are both running at the Tik-Takbo 18K race. I told him I’d be doing an LSD and it would be great if he could join me during the run. I’ve done a long run in preparation for the Pasig Marathon at UP before, and I must say that UP is one of the best places where you can do your runs.

As we gathered at the starting line, I saw Omar and greeted him. Two of my pacing buddies are also at the race: Glenn and Reggie. They were in race mode though for this event. In the back of my mind, I also wanted to race, but my legs are telling me to keep it easy this time. I wanted to repeat the strategy I’d done last week at the Mizuno Infinity Run (overtake as many runners as I can, and try to run as fast as I can) but plainly my body just can’t. Its unfortunate a week is not enough (for me) to recover from last week’s race. I’ve already allotted two rest days for the week, but the pain in my legs remained there. But in any case I’ve decided to run the 18K. I’ve registered and I’m not quitting. I’d like to run and enjoy the run whatever it takes. But for this event I will have to run a little bit slower (if I still want to run the succeeding races, especially the TNF100).

When the race started I ran beside my friend Omar. There was one blooper during the early parts of the race. My left leg got bitten by a wasp. Good thing endorphins are great pain relievers so the pain was bearable and a few minutes after the pain was gone. Omar by the way has started running just a few months ago but I was surprised with the many achievements he has already accomplished. He has challenged himself and completed a 10K and 15K race. Now he has challenged himself to run 18K and I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before his first Marathon (42K).

At kilometer 4, Omar told me to go ahead, but I was hesitant to do so for two reasons. First is I’ve given my word to assist him, and second I’m not sure it was a good idea to be too excited and face the consequence of a major injury. I told him I wasn’t after beating any time. Anyway to cut the story short, as Omar was persistent I decided to break out and speed up my pace not until I saw kuya Melvin. I checked my watch and his pace is around 4:40 min/km. I decided to accompany kuya Melvin until the finish line. I thought that this should be the fastest I should go, and anything more than that might cause me some major injuries. Besides this was suppose to be an LSD run and a 4:40 min/km in someway is a little bit over my intended LSD pace of 5:00-5:10min/km. For the whole run I made it a point to put my heart rate in Aerobic level but a little bit close to Anaerobic so that I could still reap enough fitness in the race. I was happy reaching the finish line with Kuya Melvin and got to talk to Glenn and Reggie’s race experience.

Now comes the surprising part. When the 1st placers for the different age category were called I was in disbelief when my name was called. I knew I overtook many after the 4K mark but I never thought I'd overtake that many. The prize was a privilege to have my own singlet and running shorts built by Botak with my own specifications.

The best part is Glenn (picture on the right) and Kuya Melvin were both 1st placers in their age category as well.

The bad news is the actual race distance registered in my watch is 14.4K. So its way short of 18K.

My next race would be at Animo run. I'll be running with my family this time. wooohooo..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Tribute to my Running Buddies

I would like to pay tribute to two of my best running buddies that were there during the pains and joy of my running life this year. Nope, I'm not refering to a person in particular. I was refering to my best running shoes which I have used alternately during my easy runs, long runs, tempo runs, and races. Not surprisingly, they are both New Balance.

New Balance 902 - you were there almost every day of my training runs, and you never failed to give me a PR in any race. I remember you helped me finish my first sub 50minutes at the Animo run. May it be racing or training you were there. The first time I saw you, i thought you were too big and you looked too bulky, but I bought you since I've heard that you were Runner's World editor's choice. I wasn't dissapointed when you felt great with my feet and truth be told that you have the qualities of a shoe many envy: super lightweight with ample cushion. My most embarassing moment with you though was when I tripped at Makati park during one of my 5K tempo runs. I never blamed you for tripping though.

New Balance 825 - You look very beautiful and like New Balance 902, you also posses the quality of a lightweight trainer with good cushioning. Before I bought you, I wasn't so sure you'd be equally good as the New Balance 902, but boy I was wrong. As New Balance 902's sole has been fading you were the best substitute and in many occasions you have surpassed the skills of your older brother 902. Why wouldn't you when you were there during my first marathon (Philippine Marathon) from start to finish and you have helped me clock a decent 4 hours 6 minutes for my first. The most amazing thing was most of the other runners experienced blisters and many of their toe nails died. When I removed you, my feet was fresh and there wasn't any sign of blisters or dead toe nails.

I'm writting this in memory of these two shoes because they are getting old and they may not last a week or two. So what would be my next running buddies? Well I'm eyeing to buy the New Balance 903 of course! There is also another shoe coming from the US as padala and its the Asics Gel Nimbus 9. I've heard many of good reviews about the Nimbus 9 and hopefully I'll learn to love an Asics shoe.

To my old running shoes, its just a matter of time before I'll say farewell. Thank you for being there during my running career this year.