Sunday, November 9, 2008

VSO 15K Run

It was pretty nice to see all the different runners, and bloggers who joined this event. It was actually my first time to meet Wayne, Levy and Nora. While gathering at the starting line a couple of minutes before the gun starts, I talked with Wayne, Nora and took some photos with them. Early that morning, I wasn't even feeling that well maybe due to the recent flu I got since monday. But when I got to talk with so many runner friends at the starting line, all the feeling of uneasyness were gone. I was so happy meeting all of them. In fact, for those blogger friends I just met that day, it didn't felt like it was the first time meeting them. It felt like I've known them already for so long.

I was treating the run as my long run. I've been missing my long runs every sunday and I needed to do a long run before running the New Balance 25K. I ran along with Joe and Wayne. Early during the run, Wayne had problems with his hydration belt. It was too loose for him and so the bottles kept on falling. Me and Joe decided to help Wayne carry some of the water bottles. Joe took one and I got one as we ran along the 15K route. 5K left on the run when me and Joe were going back down the Bayani Road. The speed was faster now than the first 10K. I thought that it was okay to speed up the last 5K to at least gain some VO2Max training effect.

The hardest part was at the Mc Kinley road, but this was'nt surprise because I've ran this route before in the most recent Mizuno Infinity Run. The good thing was the turning point was changed. It was no longer at the deepest area of the road. After the turn around it becomes harder because of the steep ascent. Joe told me to go ahead. He wanted to take it easy and later I found out that after 15K he ran more kilometers. The guy is really an endurance animal and its no surprise that he was awarded by the Bald Runner with 1000KM club t-shirt. My Fort Striders friends Joy and Regie was there waiting for me so that we can run together. During the last 2KM of the run, they pushed the pace (which they always do) until I reached the finish line.

Overall it was a great race and it was well organized. All had kilometer markers, lots of rush and water and a nice wheather. Congratulations to Rio.

I was able to talk to Philip after the race. Since he was running the New Balance 25K, we talked about pacing one another during the run. Apparently Ben also plans the same thing. So I think the New Balance 25K would be a fun race running side by side with running friends. I just hope they don't push the pace harder than I can handle. But if they do, ill still stick to my plan. :)

See you guys at Clark!


Anonymous said...

Hi Taki,
It was great to finally meet you in person! Yup, I also told Philip that you guys can pace each other since you both are at the same level - Halimaw level :)

See you at NB Clark


JavyO said...

I smiled at you and wanted to introduce myself, kaso nahiya naman ako :P

See you at NB25k.

Makiki-pace sana ako but you guys are waaaay to quick :)

Tech Spec said...

Levy - look who's talking.. hehe.. your the Triathlon Halimaw. Hindi ka nga matalo ni Philip. :)

javyo - Hi, I think I saw you after the race near the finish line. You were calling someone. Lets see each other at the NB25K wala ng hiyaan. :)

The foreign runner said...

Hey Taki, looking forward to run with you next weekend. Great seeing you again.

Anonymous said...

aside from wanting to run more after VSO, I had to slow down because I couldn't keep up with you! it was great running with you yesterday... see you at clark!

- joe

run unltd. said...

Hey Taki, you did run very well. Nice seeing you again. See you then at NB Clark.

Anonymous said...

nice run! ang bilis niyo. lapit na dumating ang garmin...hehe

Anonymous said...

Taki, great meeting you and thanks for running with me on Sunday (along with Joe and several others!). My apologies about the belt but it was an experience.

Take care and will see you on Sunday at Clark.

Bro J said...

hi taki i got your finish line photo. Feel free to grab it on my site or email me. Congrats on your run.

Nora, the golden girl said...

Kaya pala takicutie ang blogname mo, you're unassumingly cute in person!

It was really nice meeting you at the VSO, Taki. I agree with you. It seemed we have known each other forever.

Regarding the OctobeRUN, my race bib # was 1351 while my companion (Miguela de Ala) was #1352. If and when you get hold of the DVDs, kindly e-mail me at Thanks!

Tech Spec said...

Philip - Yeah, but I haven't ran anything longer than 15K lately so ill still see if I can keep the pace with you for the whole 25k. Lets stick with the 5min/km pace alright?

Joe - it was great running with you to Joe. See you.

Vener - thanks. Ill see you at Clark. :)

Wilbert - I'm so excited for my garmin to arrive. :) And when naldy arrives, yayayain natin mahook sa running.

Wayne - It was great meeting you in person. I hope your enjoying your stay here.

Bro J - Hey thanks for the photo. Sige Ill grab it then post it here.. Para may picture naman.. hehe. Thanks again.

Nora - It was really nice meeting you. :) I already told our club about the DVDs you and your friend weren't able to claim. Once I get the DVDs bigay ko sayo. Maybe at Clark. Hopefully makuha ko this saturday.

Nora, the golden girl said...

Thanks for getting the DVD for me and my Ate Ella. Please e-mail me at where we could possibly meet. I'm running 5k in the Animo Run this Nov. 23.