Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend 5K Race Part 2 (Animo Run)

This was the event I was really anticipating for since I've joined the Alumni category, and just maybe I can get the chance to get the alumni category at this one. As I arrived at the venue with my wife, we visited the rest rooms and I lined up in front of the starting. I told my wife I'd try to race this one. I'm not sure what pace I'd try to maintain, but I told myself I'd give my all for this one. When the gun sounded I tried to run and maintain a 4 to 4:15 min/km pace. I tried to overtake as many as I can until I got to the point of overtaking the 10K runners who ran 5minutes earlier. I was consistent in pacing this runner with a grey sando and boy he's really fast. I told myself I'll keep up pacing with him until the end of the 5K whatever it takes. All along the course I felt great following this runner with the grey sando. Then I reached the finish line. But here is the bad part, at the shoot, the guy getting the tags asked me where my barcode was. I looked at my race bib and the barcode was gone! I was told the guy that it might have fell somewhere in the middle of the race. I also told him that I was at the alumni division. The guy then told me, "Sir doon kayo sa kabilang lane". I was like "what?". So I crossed and went at the DLSU lane. I told the girl who was suppose to take the barcode at that lane that I was an alumni. She was holding a piece of paper at that time and she wrote my number in that piece of paper and I can see clearly that in the DLSU lane I was the 3rd finisher. But, there she wrote that I had no barcode. I asked her if there could be a problem with the results if I didn't have a barcode and she said that they already wrote my number. As I left the shoot I knew I'd have a good chance of getting the alumni category. Besides, the first two might probably be a DLSU student or an athlete. My time in my watch was 21:07. Again, not a PR, but at least is the fastest 5K I've run for the past 3 months.

After the race, the best part was when I got to talk with other runner bloggers such as Nora, Vener, Jerry, Dennis, and Jinoe. We had some photo sessions and then when the winners were being announced I told them I'd check the results. My wife was there to accompany me during the announcement.

While the winners were being announced, a lot of runners were complaining. It seems like the real winners in the top 10 male and female were mixed up. This is also true with the age category. In fact Nora my friend who is already 50 years old (oks lang ah sabihin ko age mo?) did not get any prize. The announcer said there was no women 50years in above who ran the event. But it wasn't true. Nora finished the 5K and she deserved to get the prize. Anyway, this part of the event was disastrous. Poor announcers, some runners are blaming and shouting at them. They weren't the organizers, so its but right that all complaints aren't addressed to them. I saw the girl announcer walking out of frustration. My wife and I stayed for 30 more minutes waiting for the DLSU category to be announced, but because of the problems with the 5K and 10K open categories, a girl announced that for the DLSU category, the winners will instead be texted. Of course for me this was dissapointing. I'm no longer expecting a text or call from them. I have a feeling that since I didn't have any barcode, I'd forfeit the chance of getting a prize. I'm not really after the gift pack anyway. I'd just be happy getting the medal if I really deserved it.

Oh well, at least I had a great run. I just wonder how the others did at the UNICEF run.


run unltd. said...

Hey Taki, if that's what happened it's really frustrating. Anyway, you did a good run, that was fast enough, congrats! Special mention also to your wife who is now into running. Good luck to the both of you. Good to meet you & see you again.

Nora, the golden girl said...

Daya mo Taki. You didn't introduce your wife, only your brother! Did she run 5k? Hope to run with her in the future.

1. Nice meeting you again and thank you very much for the 2 DVDs.

2. As you said, there's always a problem with the results in the ANIMO run. Hope this get corrected next year.

3. Thanks to you, I approached the organizers and told them I am 50 years old (of course you can say that here, coz everybody knows I'm Nora, the golden girl). The girl got my foot size and I'll just claim my havaianas at DLSU. They also gave me a medal and gift pack.

4. Great race time, Taki. If I were you, I'd contact the organizers and claim what you truly deserve.

5. A star is born! Aren't you in need of a 50-year old female runner in your next video hah hah . . .

Tech Spec said...

Vener - okay nadin, I'm glad I still joined the race since I got to see you guys again. :) About my wife, I'm glad she wants to start running na daw. :)

Nora - Great to see you again. Buti nalang Vener told me kung nasaan kayo. I couldn't find you after the race kasi. Didn't I introduced my wife? hehe about the video, sure kung may opportunity ulit na gumawa. Sa 5th Octoberun ulit.. hehe. Okay nga kung meron Takbo.PH run or Happy Feet run.. wala lang just a suggestion. :P

The foreign runner said...

kawawa naman kayo at si Nora. Sorry to hear the bad experiences, yu should have rather joined the unicef... Congrats on your fast time. You are much faster than me and we wont be able to pace together.

Anonymous said...

i was thinking that i should have join the unicef race instead... but anyhow, it was just another run. I was waiting for the awarding as well and i was standing behind the podium and saw quit numbers of runners were complaining of the result, especially in age category...
21minutes, that was so fast! i haven't try this 5k category... hope to see you again.

Tech Spec said...

Philip - Hi Philip, I'm sure you are as fast or even faster. I saw you race the 10K and racing with you will be a challenge.

High Altitude - Your 43 minutes in the 10K is actually fast. In fact if you will split your time into two then thats like 21+ minutes in each 5K. I would really think you should have at least won your age category.

Anonymous said...

Hey Taki sorry to hear about the incident. It happens so I guess we just have to make the most of it. Good to hear you are running well now. Long run na tayo!

Anonymous said...

it's unfortunate that these things happen. pero the good thing is you get to see your running friends after the race. sana next time hindi na magsabay ang mga races para magkita-kita ang lahat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. Congratulations despite what happened. Saw several blogs regarding the mishaps. However, that doesn't take away from the effort.

Hopefully, the organizers were learn from the mistake and will be more of a smooth event next year.

Take care my friend.

the meek runner said...

Hey Taki,

your post is a confirmation that there was really a lapse in the daughter told me that she came in third as the lady has only two stubs for female runners when she arrived but alas her name was not even called in the top 10... we just did not pay much attention to it coz i got excited meeting other runner-bloggers.

anyway, congrats for running fast!

see you again.

Tech Spec said...

Jay - Hey, I miss long runs. Thanks for inviging. Cge, when you are free let me know. Not this weekend though because ill be at Tagaytay.

Wilbert - Yeah, im sure madami pang races na magkakasama tayo. Hey, ill see you later at ULTRA sa Nike training natin with Rio.

Wayne - Thank you Wayne. Whats important was I did my best and was happy with my time. :)

Annalene - Thanks. :) It was nice meeting you during the Animo Run. Sayang naman yung daughter mo, i think thats suppose to be a cash prize.

Anonymous said...

Taki, i was thinking that way too. Sadly, during the awarding of age category, there were several runners complaining about the result... Too bad.

Are you joining milo this sunday?