Monday, October 6, 2008

White Rock Triathlon Oct 4

It was my first time last Saturday to watch live a half iron man event which involved 2KM swim, 90KM bike and 21KM run. It was also my first time to volunteer in assisting on a race event. I was to list down all the triathletes who would pass by the 8th kilometer mark of the run leg. Since my friend Glenn was the run leg race director, he handed me the task. Three of my friend joined the race: Reva, Joy, and Norman. I saw then pass by and I felt a little bit of envy from these guys. At the same time I felt proud that they are there racing one of the country's most difficult races.

Watching every triathlete passing by the 8KM leg, you will really see how difficult it was just to continue with the run leg after 2KM swim, and grueling 90KM bike. I could imagine their legs to be so numb already, and worst of all is they still need to finish 12KM. What makes it even harder is that the last 21K is in the middle of the sun's heat. We runners normally run in the morning to avoid getting sun burned, or dehydrated. But could you imagine all your energy has almost been consumed, and there is still 21KM to go in the middle of the day when the sun is about to take the littlest water you have in your body. I just watched in awe as every triathlete passed by.

For every finisher, regardless of you time congratulations. For the last runner who finished after the organizers packed the finish line, you have my salute. I saw him enter the venue almost limping and saw him fall on the ground because maybe his legs was already numb. But what blew me away was I saw his smile. Regardless of his place in the race, I'm sure he was one of the happiest to finish a feat not many can do. To finish a half iron man.

To my friends Reva, Joy and Norman, congratulations for finishing the race. To Reva, congratulations for getting the 3rd spot in your age category.


Anonymous said...

thanks bro..see you in future tri races.
hope this is more than enough to motivate you to do tri as well.hehe.


The foreign runner said...

Taki, I am with anonymous, hope to see you at Ayala maybe next week now that you saw it is not hard or even maybe the duathlon after next week.

Anonymous said...

Taki, next time, ikaw naman. kaya mo yan!!


Anonymous said...

Taki, that must have been neat watching a triathlon. I've seen the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon a couple of times and was in awe.

Tech Spec said...

Norman - No problem bro. Congrats on your first half iron man.

Philip - I'll still see if I can join. Ill run first at the KOTR this Sunday.

Levy - Sana kaya... will soon tri. :)

Wayne - Yeah. It was really a good experience to watch them race their guts out.

marga said...

taki, next year tayo naman :)

Tech Spec said...

Marga - yeah.. hopefully if training goes well. hehe

vo2mac said...
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vo2mac said...

taki, im looking for wrt experience and found this site.. nice review.
regars to ate meng.