Sunday, April 19, 2009

Worst Week

Last week was probably one of the, if not the worst week of my life when I got a really annoying viral infection which causes my fever to shoot up to 39.8. Its also my first time to visit the ER of Makati Med 3x in 3 days. I've been waiting for this fever to subside and its so frustrating its still there even while I'm typing this blog. The good news though is the doctor has ruled out duengue but it seems like its meascles because of the rashes that manifested on my thighs and arms. All of this said, then one can figure its been a week now that I haven't hit the road. And the worst part is, I'm still sick. So 7 days of no runs and counting...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eight Waves and Run at Maycauayan & Marilao

I had a great time last holy week as I spent my vacation running along the streets of St Francis Village Maycauayan and SM Marilao. My runs were pretty short, around 8 kilometers, but it was fun because I got to experience a new running route. Our good Saturday and Easter Sunday was spent at Eight Waves Hotel were we spent most of our day swimming. The place was packed with people. The only pool I'd really like to spend more time with (the lap pool) is unfortunately filled like sardines with all sorts of people. It was only early the next morning were the lap pool was cleared up so that I could do a couple of laps. My next favorite pool was the Safari pool with the slide. There were also plenty of kiddie pools where Meekha really did enjoy. She didn't even wanted to leave the pool.

Anyway, the best part really was the food. I enjoyed every bit of food from Baliwag. We ate mostly grilled food such as tanigue, bangus, tuna with a touch of pink buro. It was my first time to taste a buro, and I immediately liked it (at least for me, it taste really good).

Unfortunately, the next day I got the flu so as I'm blogging right now, I've been idled from running for 3 consecutive days already, and if I don't run tonight, it will be my fourth today.

I'm charging my Garmin now at the office and hope to use it tonight at Bonifacio High Street - that is if I don't get lazy after work.