Sunday, July 20, 2008

Asics Gel Nimbus 9

The Asics Gel Nimbus 9 has just arrived last Saturday as a padala from my mom. The first time I saw it, it was really beautiful!! It was in fact to be the most beautiful and most expensive running shoe I've owned. I got the Chrome Yellow Nimbus 9 as shown in the picture. But wait, beautiful as it is, but does it really deserve to be last years Runner's World Editor's choice shoe? It was tagged as the best Running Shoe that was ever built last year.

So the Tech spec once again will have to test this IGS, trustic system, and all those technological jargons Asics has been telling us about the nimbus 9. And what best to test it than a Sunday long run.

For years I had been a New Balance fan, and specifically a fan of their Lightweight trainers. This time around I'm about to try a cushioned shoe.

For the first kilometers I wasn't that impressed. First of all, its heavier, and contrary to my New Balance shoes, it doesn't have enough toe room as my old trainers. But for kilometers, I kept going and going, and I wasn't feeling any pain at all.

I finished the long run and there wasn't any pain after. I was suprised this morning when I woke up that my legs felt fresh. It even wants a run today even if monday is my running rest day. I have to give credit to Asics Gel Nimbus 9 for this. So the verdict: Asics Gel is a great shoe if you want to pile up the miles. Probably its a very good shoe to use on your marathon or half marathon.

1.) Great Cushioning
2.) Beautiful
3.) Fashionable, even for casual gimmicks.

1.) Pricy
2.) Heavier than lightweight trainers


The foreign runner said...

I was a great fan of Asics. I have a pair of Asics gel kayano 13's the only problem for me is that I have a wide foot and the asics shoes are extremely narrow. I bought a pair of NB (the yellow) shoes and it is nice and wide and very light and comfy. The only problem is it is speed shoes so not good for distances longer than 25km although it is still in my range but I enjoy the NB so I have a great new favourite.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that the nimbus helped your run! I am actually used to heavy shoes as I need a lot of cushioning for my runs. I realized this when I got a pair of Mizuno Wave Precision 8s for racing and speedwork and felt how light it was. Hope the your new shoes becomes more comfortable the more you use it!

Tech Spec said...

the foreign runner - We have something in common. The difference was I was used to NB shoes and I'm trying out the Asics. Yeah, asics shoes are narrower than NB shoes, but I'm hats off to its cushioning capability.

prometheuscometh - I'm definitely gonna be using the Nimbus 9 a lot specially for long runs. NB 903 will be for speedwork and tempos.

Anonymous said...

Taki, the Nimbus 9 is a great shoe. This is coming out of someone who swears by New Balance. My boss knows this but I wouldn't say this around our shoe rep.

About a month ago, I bought a pair to back up my NB1062s which are near the end of the line. There is a weight difference but I would possibly wear them in a marathon. For me, anything less than a 30K would be my NB 903s.

Tech Spec said...

sfrunner - I definitely agree. For me my NB903 is unbeatable for speedwork and tempos and my Nimbus 9 is really really great for long runs. And yes, ill definitely use the Nimbus 9 for my next marathon. That is hopefully if it can survive the punishment I plan to do with it before the next marathon schedule.

The foreign runner said...

I have weak knees because of my age and the punnishment they took during my Police years in South Africa so I have a lot of respect for my Asics. The difference is I enjoy the lightweight of the NB 903 and would psuh it the furthest I can in miles before wearing my Asics or until my knees start to hurt again. I think it is a matter of weighing up pain with comfort and willingness to open yourself to injuries in the future although I did not sustain injuries yet by wearing NB 903. The salesman told me they are good for 30km but I would like to test it past that mileage at least once.

margaloo said...

you know what, kahit na saglit ko pa lang nagagamit ang mizuno ko, mas at home pa rin ako with my asics. medyo nakiramdam pa ako nang konti with my mizuno. to think na kanbarra trainers lang yung asics ko ha.

Tech Spec said...

marga - I guess asic's gel cushioning is state of the art. I've seen one time on TV how they test their gels. They drop an egg from a 30 feet high elavation and the egg won't break after landing on the Gel.

Jaja said...

I noticed nga you weren't initially sold out wtih it when you first wore it. You went back to your NBs the following day! When i got home from the US after buying my Asics, i thought i had made a bad purchase kasi i also did not feel comfy with it right away - narrow in front and a little tight at the back. When i tried it on at the store, sakto naman. But after running with it for a couple more days, it's just become so comfortable already. Am not reserving it for long distances though...di ko naman kasi kaya mag long distance pa e. Hahaha.

run unlimited said...

hi tech spec,

kudos to your asics gel nimbus 9. that's really a great long distance investment. mine had run two marathons and numbers of long distance training runs. maybe we have something in common coz my other trainer is a new balance too.

talk soon on future races,
vener - run unlimited

Tech Spec said...

Vener - Thanks for the comment. Yeah the Nimbus 9 really feels comfy. In fact, as I'm recovering for my heel injury, I'm using it as a walking shoe as well. I guess there is no other shoe capable of aiding me to recover more quickly than the Nimbus 9.