Monday, December 22, 2008

Antipolo Run

What a great way to end year 2008 but with a great run of course. Not a race, but a run with running buddies. It was also our so called farewell run for Wilbert who would be leaving for the US this 1st of January. It was my first time to be doing a run to Antipolo.

I was with Mikey, Vimz, Wilbert, Bobby and Tanya as we started off from Brookside Ville and then after 2KM of running we did our warmup. From that point onward there were so many steep ascent all the way to our destination - the Antipolo church. The whole jorney, although challenging was fun especially when you get to talk with a group of runners. We had plenty of photo ops at our destination and Vimz and I got to buy some Antipolo suman!

Heading back home was also a different experience. We passed by a different route and encountered the steepest downhill road. According to Mikey, he had ran on the steep road in which he couldn't stop because of the momentum. So we just slowly walked downhill, and had some photo ops.

We got back tired and happy. We had to part ways with Bobby and Tanya after. I rode with Mikey together with Vimz and Wilbert and we ended the day by having a brunch at Tiendecitas

To Wilbert, God Bless on your LA Marathon training. Hanap ka na ng training route sa Seattles.

I'm looking forward for another long run next year. :) Btw, thanks for Vimz for the photos.. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Taki, it was nice running with you and the rest of the "gang". Just hope 'di nasira ang pacing mo sa bagal namin hehehe...Anyways, hope you could join us again next year.


vimz said...

i enjoyed this one too taki. ;) next year ulet ha. happy holidays! :D

Anonymous said...

i was glad you were able to join us. next time uli.