Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4th October Run Festival teams with Real Life Foundation

This coming October the 4th October Run Festival's theme is "The Start of A New Life". Looking back at the past I would say that running has helped me live a healthier lifestyle. I'm sure many runners if not all could name tons of benefits of running not just physically but also psychologically.

This time around not only the runners will benefit from the event, but also those young people who are less fortunate to pursue a higher degree of education.

The Fort Striders has teamed up with Real Life Foundation who's vision is to help less fortunate young people pursue their dreams in this event. So running the event means no matter how fast you cross the line, you are a winner in many young people's eye who cannot afford a good education.

The Race will be held at the Fort NBC Tent on October 26, 2008 and it will start at exactly 6:00am. There will be 3 events namely 3K Boys and Girls Division, 5K Men and Women, and 10K Men and Women. Start of Registration is to be announced. Once registered, the race packet and shirt will be given. Furthermore a training CD will be provided for all those who registered after the race. This will be useful for those who would like to seriously pursue running as their sport.

The prices are as follows:

3K Boys and Girls (Must be 12yrs old and below):
Champion: P1500
Runner-up: P1000
3rd Place: P500

5K Men and Women
Champion: P3000
Runner-up: P2000
3rd Place: P1000

10K Men and Women
Champion: P4000
Runner-up: P3000
3rd Place: P2000

For age category winners: Medal & Gift Packs

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Northface 100 Trail Run Nasugbu Batangas

I've wanted to try trail running for the longest time. It is the perfect combination of nature and running. Yes I love running, and I also enjoy hiking. So the best part about the TNF100 is I get to do nature tripping and running all together.

We arrived at Evercrest Nasugbu Batangas which was the venue of the race event around 3am. I was with 4 people in the trip. I was with Edward, Greg, Atty Arnie and Reva.

We were too early so we had to nap for an hour before we started getting our race numbers. Apparently, there were some mixed-up with me and Reva's race numbers. We were expecting to be included in the 20K race but we eventually found out we were registered for the 10K. We had to ask the race organizers to switch back our race category to 20K. To cut the long story short, we still got to run the 20K.

So the race started with an uphill route. Then the road vanished the next thing you know we were running in mud. At first you would notice how the runners would try to avoid the mud. But when our shoes got so soaked with mud during the run, no one already minded the dirt.

I was to assist Reva for the whole 20K. I helped her carry her belt bag containing sports drink, chocolates, make up kit and lipstick (hehe I was kidding about the makeup kit and lipstick). The race was extremely different from the other races that I've joined, making this run my 2nd favorite race (next to my first marathon at pasig). The terrain was so muddy and slippery. There were plenty of uphill (especially the last part of the 10K loop where it was like 3KM all uphill). We also had to cope with the situation when it rained when we were at the 5KM mark. Somewhere at 7KM there was a steep descent and so we needed to slowly go down in order to avoid injuries. The bad news is if we are to steeply go down, then you expect a steep incline. Surely there was a steep incline and we were no longer running but climbing. Then the last 3K for the first loop was all incline perhaps around 30 degrees incline. After reaching the turn around it was time to do the grueling loop once again. This time it was harder since the mud became muddier and more slippery. It was maybe because of the rain. I was keeping an eye of our back if there are other women following us, but it looks like all is clear. It looks like Reva is way in front of other women runners. Slowly we reached the finish line very happy with what we just experienced. And oh, btw Reva garnered the 3rd women overall position. Congratulations to Reva. Congratulations also to all the finishers especially those who finished the 100KM solo. 20KM of trail is hard enough. Imagine running 100KM of mud trail. These guys are absolutely awesome!

The next part was also great. We bonded and ate Bulalo at Tagaytay. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My First Biking Experience Around the Metro

I've been longing to give my bike a tour of the metro but I was too scared doing it alone. So who best to ask than someone who would never say no to an answer when it comes to bike rides. And thats Marga. I never intended to stroll too far from my place for one, it might not be a good idea since I'll be running the tnf100 half marathon trail run the next day.

I met Marga at ROX and our first stop was at 711 were I bought a bottle of rush. Then we headed to Mall of Asia and did two rounds in the area. We then headed to CCP where during the ride we saw Mon running. We had breakfast at Jollibee before we headed to Coastal mall, Moonwalk and then to Merville where we passed by my folks place. Marga got to meet Ayanna, the daughter of my brother and Mavic my sister and they had a little chat about, well, work. :) Then we went to service road going back to Villamor. Then I headed back home from Villamor passing by the Fort. I think I logged approximately 50K for the tour. It was my first bike ride and it was really great. Ang dami mo ng binibinyagan Marga.. hehe...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Asics Gel Nimbus 9

The Asics Gel Nimbus 9 has just arrived last Saturday as a padala from my mom. The first time I saw it, it was really beautiful!! It was in fact to be the most beautiful and most expensive running shoe I've owned. I got the Chrome Yellow Nimbus 9 as shown in the picture. But wait, beautiful as it is, but does it really deserve to be last years Runner's World Editor's choice shoe? It was tagged as the best Running Shoe that was ever built last year.

So the Tech spec once again will have to test this IGS, trustic system, and all those technological jargons Asics has been telling us about the nimbus 9. And what best to test it than a Sunday long run.

For years I had been a New Balance fan, and specifically a fan of their Lightweight trainers. This time around I'm about to try a cushioned shoe.

For the first kilometers I wasn't that impressed. First of all, its heavier, and contrary to my New Balance shoes, it doesn't have enough toe room as my old trainers. But for kilometers, I kept going and going, and I wasn't feeling any pain at all.

I finished the long run and there wasn't any pain after. I was suprised this morning when I woke up that my legs felt fresh. It even wants a run today even if monday is my running rest day. I have to give credit to Asics Gel Nimbus 9 for this. So the verdict: Asics Gel is a great shoe if you want to pile up the miles. Probably its a very good shoe to use on your marathon or half marathon.

1.) Great Cushioning
2.) Beautiful
3.) Fashionable, even for casual gimmicks.

1.) Pricy
2.) Heavier than lightweight trainers

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Roadie at Last

Yes I love running and I love giving myself a boost of those endorphins. But at times when I'm in dear need of recovery, the bed isn't my thing. So, I got myself a Roadie. I'm no bike fanatic but I guess 20K for this roadie ain't bad.

Tested it, it kinda felt good riding on it (Again, I'm not familiar with bike fitting stuff) so there, I got it. So now I have two companions: New Balance 903, and my Specialized Roadie.

Monday, July 14, 2008

One La Salle Experience

The One Lasalle race event to me is one of my highly anticipated event. Its not because its a race event organized by my Alma Matter, but because my wife and daughter will also be running in the race. As this race is called One Lasalle One Family, then I was to run with my family in the 3K category. I may have missed a week of running, but I'd be happy to run a 3K along with family.

But it was unfortunate when we arrived, drizzles of rain kept pouring. Even worse when the race gun sounded, the rain began to pour even harder. We decided that its wiser for my daughter and wife to skip the run. As I was carrying the umbrella, I assisted them to the tents while the 3K runners are off and gone. My wife told me to start running the 3K. I wasn't sure I was in the mood already. In fact, I really felt bad with the situation, and yes, I was frustrated. But these things really happen and all you need to do is to make the best out of the situation. After a few minutes I made up my mind to at least finish the race and reap some training benefits.

It was still drizzling but I didn't care. I pressed my watch and ran. I passed by the thousands of people walking, overtook them and slowly I was able to see and overtook 3K runners who were in running mode (at least). It was a short run but at least I did it at tempo pace and I was happy I still ran the race.

After finishing it took me some time to find my wife and daughter. I thought they were at Bonifacio Highstreet but apparently they were just at the finish line waiting.

After meeting them, I met up with my brother and we had breakfast at Seattles Best.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 Days without Running

Indeed for this week I had zero running. And most of these days were spent in bed. I wish I had a choice but I didn't have any. Monday was my rest day and starting tuesday until yesterday I had a fever bursting from 38 to 39 degrees celcius. The worst part is, I practically had no idea what has caused it. It was so frustrating but nevertheless I had to cope with reality. Hopefully I'll get a chance to run tomorrow and get a hit once again of those endorphins. Perhaps its one way our body can humble us telling us to keep it easy. Anyway looking at the bright side, my legs feels so much fresh.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Say Hello to the New Balance 903

As I payed tribute to two of my running shoes for the past year in a previous post, its time to get a new pair of running shoes. I've been a fan of New Balance shoes especially their Lightweight Trainers. I have been so impressed with 902 that I decided to get myself the upgrade which is 903. Thanks to Levy for helping me decided to get this shoes.

New Balance 903 looks similar with 902 except that its color yellow. As of now, I cannot say for a fact that its better than the 902 since I have only used it ones in last sunday's race. So far the feel is very much the same with the 902. I'm happy with the color, and its very comfortable. I was able to use it out of the box with no break-in at all.

I give credit for the shoe for helping me survive last sunday's race even if I was still experiencing some leg pains due to a previous race(Rush to Mizuno Infinity). What I like about the shoe, which is consistent with most New Balance running shoes is the high toe room which is very helpful in avoiding blisters.

About other reviews from shoe critics, New Balance 903 is this year's Runner's World Editor's Choice awardee. Check this site for more info:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tiktakbo Recap

This month of June has already been fully booked for races. Last week was the Rush to Mizuno Infinity, today was the Tik-Takbo, next week would be the One La Salle run, and the week after would be the TNF100. The week after that would be the Milo marathon, but I’ve yet to decide if I’ll push myself to joining that. Anyway for this Sunday’s race was Tik-Takbo at UP.

We arrived at the race venue and got to talk with Rio. I finally met Passion Runner (Eric). I tried to examine my legs and they still hurt since the Rush to Mizuno Infinity Run last Sunday. The night before this race, my friend Omar called me and we found out that we are both running at the Tik-Takbo 18K race. I told him I’d be doing an LSD and it would be great if he could join me during the run. I’ve done a long run in preparation for the Pasig Marathon at UP before, and I must say that UP is one of the best places where you can do your runs.

As we gathered at the starting line, I saw Omar and greeted him. Two of my pacing buddies are also at the race: Glenn and Reggie. They were in race mode though for this event. In the back of my mind, I also wanted to race, but my legs are telling me to keep it easy this time. I wanted to repeat the strategy I’d done last week at the Mizuno Infinity Run (overtake as many runners as I can, and try to run as fast as I can) but plainly my body just can’t. Its unfortunate a week is not enough (for me) to recover from last week’s race. I’ve already allotted two rest days for the week, but the pain in my legs remained there. But in any case I’ve decided to run the 18K. I’ve registered and I’m not quitting. I’d like to run and enjoy the run whatever it takes. But for this event I will have to run a little bit slower (if I still want to run the succeeding races, especially the TNF100).

When the race started I ran beside my friend Omar. There was one blooper during the early parts of the race. My left leg got bitten by a wasp. Good thing endorphins are great pain relievers so the pain was bearable and a few minutes after the pain was gone. Omar by the way has started running just a few months ago but I was surprised with the many achievements he has already accomplished. He has challenged himself and completed a 10K and 15K race. Now he has challenged himself to run 18K and I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before his first Marathon (42K).

At kilometer 4, Omar told me to go ahead, but I was hesitant to do so for two reasons. First is I’ve given my word to assist him, and second I’m not sure it was a good idea to be too excited and face the consequence of a major injury. I told him I wasn’t after beating any time. Anyway to cut the story short, as Omar was persistent I decided to break out and speed up my pace not until I saw kuya Melvin. I checked my watch and his pace is around 4:40 min/km. I decided to accompany kuya Melvin until the finish line. I thought that this should be the fastest I should go, and anything more than that might cause me some major injuries. Besides this was suppose to be an LSD run and a 4:40 min/km in someway is a little bit over my intended LSD pace of 5:00-5:10min/km. For the whole run I made it a point to put my heart rate in Aerobic level but a little bit close to Anaerobic so that I could still reap enough fitness in the race. I was happy reaching the finish line with Kuya Melvin and got to talk to Glenn and Reggie’s race experience.

Now comes the surprising part. When the 1st placers for the different age category were called I was in disbelief when my name was called. I knew I overtook many after the 4K mark but I never thought I'd overtake that many. The prize was a privilege to have my own singlet and running shorts built by Botak with my own specifications.

The best part is Glenn (picture on the right) and Kuya Melvin were both 1st placers in their age category as well.

The bad news is the actual race distance registered in my watch is 14.4K. So its way short of 18K.

My next race would be at Animo run. I'll be running with my family this time. wooohooo..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Tribute to my Running Buddies

I would like to pay tribute to two of my best running buddies that were there during the pains and joy of my running life this year. Nope, I'm not refering to a person in particular. I was refering to my best running shoes which I have used alternately during my easy runs, long runs, tempo runs, and races. Not surprisingly, they are both New Balance.

New Balance 902 - you were there almost every day of my training runs, and you never failed to give me a PR in any race. I remember you helped me finish my first sub 50minutes at the Animo run. May it be racing or training you were there. The first time I saw you, i thought you were too big and you looked too bulky, but I bought you since I've heard that you were Runner's World editor's choice. I wasn't dissapointed when you felt great with my feet and truth be told that you have the qualities of a shoe many envy: super lightweight with ample cushion. My most embarassing moment with you though was when I tripped at Makati park during one of my 5K tempo runs. I never blamed you for tripping though.

New Balance 825 - You look very beautiful and like New Balance 902, you also posses the quality of a lightweight trainer with good cushioning. Before I bought you, I wasn't so sure you'd be equally good as the New Balance 902, but boy I was wrong. As New Balance 902's sole has been fading you were the best substitute and in many occasions you have surpassed the skills of your older brother 902. Why wouldn't you when you were there during my first marathon (Philippine Marathon) from start to finish and you have helped me clock a decent 4 hours 6 minutes for my first. The most amazing thing was most of the other runners experienced blisters and many of their toe nails died. When I removed you, my feet was fresh and there wasn't any sign of blisters or dead toe nails.

I'm writting this in memory of these two shoes because they are getting old and they may not last a week or two. So what would be my next running buddies? Well I'm eyeing to buy the New Balance 903 of course! There is also another shoe coming from the US as padala and its the Asics Gel Nimbus 9. I've heard many of good reviews about the Nimbus 9 and hopefully I'll learn to love an Asics shoe.

To my old running shoes, its just a matter of time before I'll say farewell. Thank you for being there during my running career this year.