Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nike Park ULTRA Training Week 2

This training program organized by Nike Park and handled by Coach Rio is really a blessing to many runners and those who wants to get into running. In fact, it is so organized, and the trainers (including Coach Rio) are so dedicated to help us achieve our goals. And to think that the training program is free! I would like to thank Nike Park and Coach Rio for giving us the opportunity to learn and for helping us to achieve our goals. Its truly appreciated in the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday was a speed session. We did a 3x200 in 3 sets. The distance was short for every repeat, but the speed was fast. I went there with my friend Narod who was previously part of UP LB track team. He is actually very fast. I'm not actually surprised since his records are of short or middle distances. If I'm not mistaken, his 5K PR is around 17minutes for a 5K.

After the training we did some core abdominal exercises. During one of the exercise my abdominal muscles curled and it was painful. This clearly shows how I lack some core strengthening exercises. We ended the session with some stretching exercises. This was actually hard for me since I'm so inflexible.

It was also nice to see familiar faces such as Mark, Jaymie, Tiffin, Wilbert, Chris, Marvs, Vimz, Dennis, Kat and other runners who hopefully won't castigate me if I forgot to mention their names here. I may not have been able to chat with you guys that much and its our fault for arriving late, but I guess we'll see each other next week, or this Friday for our 5K tempo run at Bonifacio Highstreet.

After the training, somebody can shoot me by telling this - Narod and I tried the ultimate sisig at Ay See. It's just in front of Ultra and there are lots of cars parked outside the karinderya so you won't miss it. I would really recommend trying them at least ones in your lifetime. :)


Anonymous said...

Masubukan nga yang sisig na yan next week =)

See ya next session classmate!

Running Fatboy said...

we had sisig too after that session but sa JJ's naman. haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. Happy that the training program is going well. With Coach Rio and the trainers, the sessions will go well and goals can be achieved by it.

Continue success. The stretching will help with any injuries. It's helped me over the last six weeks.

kulitrunner said...

nobody will shoot you taki. we had sisig to. maybe next time you could spare time to go with us. we had the best and cheapest crispy sisig last night at Kebur, 20th Ave in QC. see you friday!

Anonymous said...

oo nga. sarap ng sisig. marasap na mura pa! sisig ba ang recovery food ng mga nike running trainees? hehehe

Nora, the golden girl said...

What?? Nag sisig lahat kayo? New trend na pala ngayon after training heh heh . . .

Will be in ULTRA tomorrow for the Kerygma Conference. Masubukan nga yang ultimate sisig na yan.

Tech Spec said...

runningpinoy - Oo paborito ko yan nung college, kaya yan tumaas high blood pressure ko at napilitan magrun. hehehe

Dennis - sarap..

Wayne - thanks Wayne, I'm thankful to Rio's Nike training program which helped me do some stretching exercises. I've learned many things from him.

Vimz - Yeah, next time ulit. apparently not this week. I have a dentist appointment.

Wilbert - hehe huwag lang madalas.. Burger naman ang susunod na recovery food.

Nora - natry mo yung Aysee? hehe