Monday, September 29, 2008

Haile did it again!

Sunday at Berlin was another Marathon World Record for Haile Gebrselassie at a time of 2:03:59 breaking his previous World record of 2:04:26. To those of you who might be curious how fast that is... well, its 2:53/km. I find it hard to sprint that fast!

Haile mentioned though he could still do a 2:03:30. He said there are too many good runners and that he still needs to run faster. According to Haile, its possible anyone can break 2:03:59 at any day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Running for P.E. classes

I've read this article from in this link: Marathon 101.

The first thing that came into my mind is that this is a great idea! Maybe some schools(Highschool, Colleges) have already included running as part of their P.E. curriculum, but during our time (just a couple of years back :P), our P.E. class focused mainly on Basketball, swimming, table tennis, soccer, and uhm.. ball room dancing. I'm not talking about plain athletics, or physical fitness exercise that we used to do in our highschool P.E. class, but a rigid curriculum that will help students achieve a goal such as completing a 10K, half marathon, or perhaps even a full marathon. To my opinion and maybe because I'm biased about running, this is a good idea for various reasons:

1.) It helps students to live a healthy lifestyle
2.) Help them achieve goals they thought isn't possible
3.) Its cheap and doesn't require student's parents for additional expenditures
4.) Hey its also fun!

So highschool principals and college directors should consider putting this into their curriculum.

Short Runs

A couple of weeks ago I was desperate to run, but I couldn't, no thanks to my ankle injury that forced me to lay low for a while (thank goodness it didn't force me to retirement). But I'm happy to be back at my feet doing my daily runs. But there were a bit of changes to my running routine lately, and maybe I'm either more prudent now or just plain paranoid for doing only short runs. This time around, I'm paying more attention to any form of pain I'd experience during my run. If it creeps in, I'd slow down, but if it doesn't I'd probably be the happiest runner on the road. All my runs so far ranges from 5K to 7K and there have been more rest days in between. Like last week, I alloted 3 rest days to have my ankle recover a little bit from any pounding. But short as my runs are, 2 to 3 runs of the week still remains in a high intensity pace. But most of the time they are just 5Ks or 6Ks. And nope, no greater than 7K high intensity. I think at this point in time running tempos at 7K and above could be dangerous to my ankle. But anyway lets see how the training goes. My mind is still set for the Adidas KOTR, but I'm still undecided if I'd try the 10K or the 21K. If all circumstance tells me to do the 21K then just maybe I'd run it. But if not, I might as well run the shorter race.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raising Hope Year 2

Lets support the Cancer Resource and Wellness Community in this fund raising program that will be held in Rockwell Center Makati on September 21, 2008 around 6am to 9am. The first CAREWELL fund raising running activity was held last year. Heres the link of my old post:
I was privileged to be there and it was very memorable to me. The reason being, is that it was the very first running activity I joined. It was the place where I was able to meet new running friends and buddies. It was also the first activity that helped me to see how fun running can be. During that time, I haven't joined a single race yet.

Now for the second time around, in cooperation with New Balance and Planet Sports, this fund raising activity will once again be held in the same venue. This is a walk/run for a cause fund raising activity that invites everyone who wants to support CAREWELL and who wants to build a healthy lifestyle.

For those who would be joining this running event for the first time, take note that this is not a race, so there aren't any finish line. All you need to do is run around Powerplant while wearing the CAREWELL baller bands. Its up to you how far or long you want to run. So just run, meet new friends and enjoy the event.

See you there. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The 4th OctobeRun Festival is Open for Registration

For those who already like to register, I would like to announce that the 4th OctobeRun festival is now open for registration at R.O.X. Bonficaio HighStreet Fort Bonifacio Global City

For more info about the race you can refer to my previous post: OctobeRun Previous Post or you can visit the FortStriders site at:

See you at the race.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Trip

My ankle injury has been the longest injury I've had and it took more than two weeks of running from me. On the first week of the injury, I had to resort to lots of cross training that opened doors for me to experience cycling and swimming. The second week of my injury was another adventure, but unfortunately it did not involve running, cycling, nor swimming. It was a trip to Kuala Lumpur with my family.

Since I am unable to run nor cross train, the next best exercise is a long walk. And walking definitely fits our agenda at KL.

If you have been to Malaysia before, you would know that riding a taxi cab can be expensive. Fortunately, the guest house where we stayed was at the center of the city and is walking distance to most places of tourist attraction. The Petronas tower for example in my estimate is 3KM away from where we were staying.

We had only 3 basic agendas during the trip. Eat, Shop, and Sight See. Here are some pictures of our trip:






We stayed at KL for 4 days 3 nights and as a Tech geek I had to at least get a hold of some of their cheap digital gadgets.

We went to the Digital Mall and I was blown away with their really cheap gadgets. I was able to buy myself an HP 120GB Portable Media Driver for only 199RM (approx. PHP2600). Also got myself a headset for only 10RM (approx PHP130).

After more than two weeks of hibernating from running, yesterday was my break. After office, I checked my ankle and there wasn't much pain and so I went to the gym and hit the treadmill. Although it was a treadmill run, it was so sweet. It was my first run after 2 long weeks of rest. I did 6K and I was happy with it. This morning I did 5K and so far, my right ankle seems to be responding well. The good thing was I was still able to tuck a bike after the run.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cross Training and Loving It

A week ago I had treadmill injury, and this is perhaps the longest injury I had. As I blog today, I can't even jog, nor walk decently. The injury is taking too long and I should be so annoyed at this point in time. This injury though paved light to a new world and it enlightened me to new sorts of training which does not involve running.

Now that I'm more into biking while I'm injured, I'm actually getting to love it. In fact, my bike is now my favorite toy next to my laptop. I'm now also able to swim during the evening and I'm happy the someone commented that I've improved my swim. Not that I'm good at it, but at least I can do laps without sinking.

I'm not sure though when I'd be able to run again. I'm still a runner and running is still my ultimate priority. This injury is taking too long though, so since I don't have a choice, I'd have to stick and enjoy my new workouts.