Monday, September 6, 2010

Corregidor Test Run

For the first time in my life, I was able to visit the famous island of Corregidor. I have heard the historical significance of the place, but I never got the chance to visit it in my 29 years of existence. And having not done so is a major major mistake (sounds familiar).

I'm glad I was invited to experience running along the roads of what the American's call "The Rock". The experience was quite different than all the other places I have set foot on. What is spectacular is that you get to run along areas in the place with plenty of historical contributions. But beautiful as what the Island can offer poses great challenges. Yes, the hilly roads of Corregidor makes it a very tough course. But as the old saying goes "No pain, No gain".

And the good news to us runners is that a race is about to unfold on Dec 19, with only 1 tough distance. A half-marathon distance, on the hilly roads of the magnificent island of Corregidor.

So we better start fueling are muscles and prepare. Just a piece of advice to other runners, this race will require tons of hill training. I think speed work on the track will not be enough.