Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Tribute to my Running Buddies

I would like to pay tribute to two of my best running buddies that were there during the pains and joy of my running life this year. Nope, I'm not refering to a person in particular. I was refering to my best running shoes which I have used alternately during my easy runs, long runs, tempo runs, and races. Not surprisingly, they are both New Balance.

New Balance 902 - you were there almost every day of my training runs, and you never failed to give me a PR in any race. I remember you helped me finish my first sub 50minutes at the Animo run. May it be racing or training you were there. The first time I saw you, i thought you were too big and you looked too bulky, but I bought you since I've heard that you were Runner's World editor's choice. I wasn't dissapointed when you felt great with my feet and truth be told that you have the qualities of a shoe many envy: super lightweight with ample cushion. My most embarassing moment with you though was when I tripped at Makati park during one of my 5K tempo runs. I never blamed you for tripping though.

New Balance 825 - You look very beautiful and like New Balance 902, you also posses the quality of a lightweight trainer with good cushioning. Before I bought you, I wasn't so sure you'd be equally good as the New Balance 902, but boy I was wrong. As New Balance 902's sole has been fading you were the best substitute and in many occasions you have surpassed the skills of your older brother 902. Why wouldn't you when you were there during my first marathon (Philippine Marathon) from start to finish and you have helped me clock a decent 4 hours 6 minutes for my first. The most amazing thing was most of the other runners experienced blisters and many of their toe nails died. When I removed you, my feet was fresh and there wasn't any sign of blisters or dead toe nails.

I'm writting this in memory of these two shoes because they are getting old and they may not last a week or two. So what would be my next running buddies? Well I'm eyeing to buy the New Balance 903 of course! There is also another shoe coming from the US as padala and its the Asics Gel Nimbus 9. I've heard many of good reviews about the Nimbus 9 and hopefully I'll learn to love an Asics shoe.

To my old running shoes, its just a matter of time before I'll say farewell. Thank you for being there during my running career this year.


Anonymous said...

hey the nimbus 9 is my shoe too! hope they are as good for you as they are for me! they are runnersworld shoe of the year for 2007!

Tech Spec said...

Hi prometheuscometh, I'm quite excited to try the Nimbus 9. Yeah, its also a Runner's World editor's choice and I've read a review that it was tagged by them as the Best Shoe in the World year 2007. I hope ill love it.

Levy said...


Ok ang New Balance 903. Lightweight din siya, pakiramdam ko minsan parang wala akong suot. Read in runnersworld na editor's choice din ito.

Tech Spec said...

Yeah... and its the new release to the NB 902. I might pass by planet sports later to check out the shoe. Sana may discount.

Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. I've been meaning to stop by your blog. Now that I did, I wanted to say hello.

Regarding the New Balance 902 and the 825, the shoes sold very well here in the U.S. I've known this from working at the NB store in SF. I've worn the 825 and until recently, I thought it was the best lightweight shoe that New Balance made. Then came the 903 (update of the 902). Awesome feel! It's like a feather.

I agree with prom about the Nimbus 9. Recently bought the 10 and Asics has been raving about it. I can see why.

From what I've heard, good to hear you're running again.

Tech Spec said...

hi sfrunner. I purchased the New Balance 903 two days ago and boy I'm glad I did. I used it on this morning's race and I felt great riding with it. About the Nimbus 9, I'm yet to test it when it arrives two weeks from now.

Btw prometheuscometh and sfrunner, would it be alright if I add your blogs in my blogroll? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. No problem. If okay, can I add you to mine? Continue the great blogging and running and will see you in November! - Wayne