Monday, July 7, 2008

Say Hello to the New Balance 903

As I payed tribute to two of my running shoes for the past year in a previous post, its time to get a new pair of running shoes. I've been a fan of New Balance shoes especially their Lightweight Trainers. I have been so impressed with 902 that I decided to get myself the upgrade which is 903. Thanks to Levy for helping me decided to get this shoes.

New Balance 903 looks similar with 902 except that its color yellow. As of now, I cannot say for a fact that its better than the 902 since I have only used it ones in last sunday's race. So far the feel is very much the same with the 902. I'm happy with the color, and its very comfortable. I was able to use it out of the box with no break-in at all.

I give credit for the shoe for helping me survive last sunday's race even if I was still experiencing some leg pains due to a previous race(Rush to Mizuno Infinity). What I like about the shoe, which is consistent with most New Balance running shoes is the high toe room which is very helpful in avoiding blisters.

About other reviews from shoe critics, New Balance 903 is this year's Runner's World Editor's Choice awardee. Check this site for more info:


Anonymous said...

Hi taki,

Ok ang 903 di ba? Congrats also re: tiktakbo run. Yan ang magaling, nagplaplace kahit di sinasadya. Btw, re: your bike, my friend said for your budget you can have a new one already. We can make a trip to quiapo if you want.

Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. Thanks for stopping by my blog with the latest. Hope everything will get better.

Regarding the NB903, I've raced a couple of times in the shoe and it's good. You're correct about the high toe room. I was also surprised about how quickly the shoe broke in.

Take care and we'll talk soon.

Anonymous said...

wow! nice shoes! sometimes even after i have been running in a problem free pair of shoes blisters just appear on my foot for one reason or another. i guess i really have to see if it's the shoe, the sock, or even my running style. good luck in the la salle run!

the le Roux's said...

I enjoy the shoe for it wideness. I use to run with asics and what a huge difference. I found a new favourite shoe! The only problem is it is not for longer distances so I will be wearing my asics with the milo marathon

Tech Spec said...

Hi the le roux's, God Bless on your Milo Marathon. I won't be joining the Milo Marathon because I think I'm short of training.

the le Roux's said...

Yeah I think me to but what the hek, will try anyway even if it means taking it veeeerrrryyyyyy slow!

Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. Have a question for you. Did you buy the 903s at the New Balance store in the Manila area? One of our bloggers wanted to know where they could buy it.

Thanks again. - Wayne