Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rush to Mizuno Infinity Run 2

This was another anticipated race event and I wanted to beat my previous Mizuno race of 1:09. I was to stick with my racing partner Regie whatever the cost and that was the plan. Regie is younger, faster and he is the perfect pacing partner that will keep me motivated for the whole 15K stretch.

The run was ALMOST the same route as the previous infinity run but its a little bit longer this time because the route inside heritage was kinda changed. My watch also registered a whopping 10miler distance (16K) and garmin users registered 15.7KM which is near 16K. I would have suggested to call it the Mizuno Infinity 10miler instead.

The plan was simple: Overtake as many runners as possible (duh)... hehehe.

Anyway heres what was registered in my watch:

1 4:17 4:24
2 4:05 8:29
3 4:05 12:34
4 4:06 16:40
5 4:08 20:48
6 4:10 24:58
7 4:10 29:08
8 4:16 33:24
9 4:20 37:44
10 4:24 42:08
11 4:26 46:34
12 4:16 50:50
13 4:35 55:25
14 4:26 59:51
15 4:28 1:04:19
16 4:08 1:08:33

Avg Pace 4:17
Finish time: 1:08:33
Total Distance 16.01KM

The results are available in

My result though is incorrect. But looking at where Regie is, since his in front of me I'd be number 24.

I enjoyed the race very much. There may be room for improvement, but nevertheless I congratulate Rio for organizing this event. Lesson learned when organizing a race event is to make available shoots for each catgory. I still consider this race as an improvement to the previous race event.

After the race, chatted with my friends and got a few pictures. Also got a picture with my hero the Bald Runner (left in green).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The North Face 100

Are you strong enough to take the challenge? I hope ill be. This is the North Face challenge. There is the 100KM course relay and a 20K and 10K run. If your tired of flat surfaces then this is for you where you will experience rolling terrains. I might join the 20K. If you are up to the challenge of running 50K then you can take the 100KM relay challenge. The 100KM relay will be a two person race where each person will run 50K.

The registration is now open at ROX.

For more info and to get the registration forms, visit

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Adorable Daughter

I know this is a running blog, but forgive me just this time because I can't resist the temptation of posting the videos of my daughter. She's so cute and adorable.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Last Sunday was father's day and as my first father's day celebration, I would say it was a great celebration for me. I've never enjoyed a weekend so much than last Sunday. So this were the things I did during father's day.

1.) At 4:50 am I was already awake preparing for my 2nd 5K race at the Japan Airlines run at the fort. My knees weren't feeling great but since its a short race I decided to just push through with it. I would actually be running the race number of my friend Glenn since he would running a different event at San Mateo's All Terrain run. When the race started I gave my all for the short 5K. In fact, running a fast 5K felt the same as running a paced 10K. At the last stretch of the race I was huffing and puffing already until I reached the finish line. I practically spent all my energy for the run that I no longer had a final kick at the end. According to my Fort Striders friends who were counting the finishers, I was at 6th place. I couldn't be sure though until I get the race results, but as of now, ill take their word for it. I clocked 20:16. I was hoping to clock a sub 20 minute, but I guess I needed more training. But I'm happy since this was my PR for 5K.

2.) After the race, my wife and daughter followed at Bonifacio High Street where we ate at Pancake House. I also got to play with my daughter along the area. It was probably my happiest moment of the day. I realized my daughter loved being outside and so I told my wife that we'll have breakfast outside during weekends with Meekha.

3.) After reaching home, I still wanted to go to the gym to get some workout so I went to the gym and had my workout.

4.) After the gym, my wife and daugther followed again so we could take lunch at Market Market. We had our lunch at KFC and strolled around the area until 3pm.

5.) At 3pm it was time for our Sunday Service were we get to thank God for the day and get to greet Him a Happy Father's day also. The preacher was Pastor Rober Hern and we came out of the church norished with the word of God.

6.) After that we had a free Father's day photo session at Bonifacio High Street. We also ate merienda at Texas Roadhouse for a bottomless drinks and Nachos.

7.) The dinner was special. We bought some Cali ice from 7 eleven and took out some barbecue and liempo from Reyes Barbecue and had a picnic at home. We placed a banig on top of the carpet and we ate on the floor Kamayan style.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Men's Health All Terrain

Are you looking for new challenges in your running career? Are you willing to hit the dirt, get all dirty? Then this race is for you. This coming sunday will be the Men's Health All-Terain race. This event is open for both runners and bikers.

[Taken from the Men's Health Website]
The Trail Run

The trail run is one of the things that makes the All-Terrain Race very unique. Instead of running on level roads, runners will be running on gravel, sand, and sloping hills. It’s not your typical running race.
Course Description Approximately 12 kms. The route is a mixture of dirt and gravel roads, singletrack trail and some cement road around Timberland Heights. The course features a lot of climbing, but most of all some spectacular views.
Suggested equipment Trail running shoes, quick-dry clothing, hydration packs (although there will be at least five water stations), caps, sunglasses, sunscreen.
Rules All participants will be released at the same time, regardless of category. The route will be marked using flags, bunting and banners, and directional & timing marshals will be placed along the route as well. Five water stations will be provided where racers can drink or refill their hydration packs and water bottles.

For more info, you could check the Men's Health Website at:

Monday, June 9, 2008

Subic Bay Adventure

Last long weekend, I had the privilege to spend quality and quantity time with my family. We got to spend our vacation at Subic. Our 3 days and 2 nights stay in subic well worth it. It was basically a feasting vacation. I got to eat, eat and eat. My favorite restaurant was Meat plus where they served steak and burgers! I know I know, I shouldn't be indulging to much, but hey, its vacation and I don't get to eat this much that often. :) It was also a time where my family gets to shop, and I get to window shop. Oh, for those who are looking for a cheap heart rate monitor, I just saw a Nike Triax C5 heart rate monitor for 80 dollars. The exchange rate at subic last weekend was around 44.15 dollars so thats around P3532.00. That's a lot cheaper and cooler looking than a Timex HRM! For those who are curious where I found it, its located in the Duty Free shop beside the Meat Plus restaurant.
Of course, Subic vacation wouldn't be that great without my runs. So the best part is I get to run around subic area. Doing a morning run around subic feels fantastic. The fresh air and the wonderful atmosphere makes the run feel great. I was also able to do intervals at their Oval. For only 10pesos, I get to use their oval and I was able to calibrate my watch. At last, I felt my Suunto to be more accurate.
We also got to visit Joe's World. It was a place filled with so many activities. Unfortunately, its not that fully developed yet. But we still got to enjoy a train tour around the area, a kiddie play area, a kiddie theater, Obstacle Course, Winter Wonderland and a Jurassic area. The concept is really good and we are hoping to see more attractions next year.