Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sad on Missing the Nike Training this Week

Last Tuesday, I had all my things prepared for the Nike training at Ultra but I wasn't prepared with what was about to happen during the day. Early at work I experienced intense pain at my left molar. It was the tooth where a piece had been chip off long time ago and I didn't bother to had it checked by a dentist. Not until last Tuesday when the pain began to be unbearable. After miraculously enduring the pain at work, I decided to had it checked. A simple visit with the dentist turned out to be a long painful root canal procedure. We finished around 9pm therefore missing the Nike training. My next available appointment though would be on Friday (apparently that was the next available schedule for the doctor) and it will also be after work. I might be able to miss the Nike training this Friday as well, unless the next procedure is quick.

But.. I'll be joining the Yakult run this weekend so for my running friends, see you all there.


Anonymous said...

that's too bad, i also missed the clinic last tue because of a much milder injury... are you sure it's ok to run on sunday after having a procedure?

well, see you in yakult run!

Tech Spec said...

runningpinoy - actually I'm not really sure if its okay. I asked my dentist if its okay to exercise and she said its okay. But I did not mention that I'd be running 16K.. hehe..

run unltd. said...

Lusot! Well said. See you there Taki.

Anonymous said...

kaya pala. ang dami pa namang naghahanap sayo. kitakits sa yakult.

Anonymous said...

Taki, after having a root canal, always be careful. Let your body tell you if 16K is okay. I've done short runs after my only root canal and was fine but was very lethargic during a long run.

Take care and good luck on Sunday!