Thursday, August 7, 2008

Speedwork, Tempo or Both?

Has anyone tried doing a heart pounding 8x350 meter speed session followed by a 10KM tempo workout?

Normally when I have my speed sessions, its either a tempo run or a speed interval workout. And I don't do both together. It was actually my first time to both interval training and tempo training at the same time today and this is all thanks to my triathlete friend Joy Reginald Antolin (left picture). He is one of the Fort Strider's fast runners and is definitely the fastest swimmer I know personally. He is one of the athletes of Team Herbalife and he has contributed at the recent SUBIT triathlon for their team to garner the 1st place title. He also took the 14th place overall position. Now I've always wondered how this guy manages to train. This morning I was able to join him in one of his training. So the plan was 8x350 speedwork. Then a sub 50 minute 10K workout. He said that nearing the competition it will be more like 10x400 and a longer tempo. But what made me realize how serious he is with his Triathlon training is when I accidentally saw him one night at Bonifacio High Street around 9PM doing another speed session and I saw him on the same day doing the same thing in the morning. I haven't even mentioned about his Cycling training and Swim training and who knows where he tucks those.

To Joy, keep up the training, and I hope you get the prize at the White Rock Triathlon.

Btw, the guy on the right is The Fort Strider's club vice president Norman Pascual. Also a member of Team Herablife and a certified TI swimmer.


marga said...

syet joy! plz be my coach! nyahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

kaibigan mo pala si joy antolin eh, certified halimaw yan sa tri! You're in good hands my friend, sabayan mo lang siya sa training, tara na 'tri' na. There's one on sept. 14, may mini-sprint for beginners. 350m swim, 11k bike, at 3.5k run, kaya mo na yan!!!


Anonymous said...

Taki, I once did a one mile road race followed by a 5K tempo run about eight minutes later. The tempo run wasn't all that great but it told me what type of conditioning I was in.

Omar Cruz said...

wow!!! you're well into this sport and about to merge in the world of triathlon. Wow!!!

Taki, lupet talaga.. :)

Anonymous said...


Tech Spec said...

marga - sabay ka diyan kay joy. Kahit sa mga bike training niyan..

Levy - I'm thinking of joining the beginners just to get a feel of the transitions in triathlon. Lets see how it goes. I have not much swimming training so far. Its not for kids right??

sfrunner - Yeah, I usually do a 5K tempo to gauge my fitness level. I actually do not rely on my resting heartrate, its still your actual times that tells you how fit you are.

omar - I'm still much into running. About triathlon, its not bad to try. But as far as running is concerned, its still my top priority.

Jaja said...

Coach ko din si dieting naman! :-) - jaja

Josh said...

Lufet! Next level na to!

BTW, what were you doing at BHS at 9 p.m. nung nakita mo si Joy? Nag-se-secret training ka rin no. :-)

- Josh

Tech Spec said...

Jaja - Hahaha yeah I forgot to mention that Joy is the ultimate nutritionist. Hindi lang training discipline, pati sa pagkain.

Josh - I saw Joy when I was on my way home from your place after our Small Group. Remember when I brough a bike to your place.. :)

Anonymous said...

go Joy! go team HERBALIFE!!! :-)


Anonymous said...


saw you this am around BHS loop, running with the halimaw joy antolin. ako yung sumigaw ng "Takiiii" na nasa bike :)


margarita said...

natatawa talaga ako sa tawag nyo kay halimaw joy. that's what i'll call him na forever. halimaw joy! nyahaha :D

taki mini tri tayo one saturday! practice sprint!

Tech Spec said...

levy - ah... ikaw pala yun... Yeah I was with halimaw Joy.

marga - cge, I would like that. Maybe we can do a 500 meter MASA swim then a bike to heritage u-turn C5 to bonifacio highstreet, and then 4 loops around bonifacio highstreet. hehe. Sino pa gusto sumama?

margarita said...

sige fight ako :) but not this saturday muna ha. hindi pa 100% ang shoulder ko. tagal noh? :(