Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nike Human Race

The Nike Human race was the only race event where I was present, but wasn’t running. I really wanted to run in this event even as a bandit for not having a nike foot pod and i-pod. It was unfortunate though that I got injured last Wednesday. The ironic thing was I got injured on a treadmill. I wasn’t even running my fastest pace, nor was I running a long one. Anyway, it’s useless to mourn about something I have no control over. I decided to still go to the Nike Human race and support 2 of my friends who would be running the event. They were actually my Church’s pastors: Pastor Nixon and Pastor Ado. I may not have been able to run in this event, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy being at the venue. I may not have the same joy as the people who actually ran, but at least it was a nice time to bond with my friends, and my wife (who also joined me to watch). Here are some of the pictures and videos taken during the event:
Norman and Thesa Prieto Valdes
Me and Philip
Pastor Ado Running

Pastor Nixon Running(Still Smiling Early on the Race)

Norman Running


Anonymous said...

hi taki,

andun ka pala kanina, sayang, konting-konti na lang nasama mo na ako sa video ni norman :) was about 20 secs. behind him.

get well soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh taki you were there?

Sana sinamahan mo nalang kami sa booth namin. Sorry to hear about your injury and hope you get better soon. September should be a quiet month anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Taki....Get well soon! Nice post and nice pics. Good to know who foreignrunner looks like.

I'm still on wordpress but I registered with google/blogger recently. Take care.

The foreign runner said...

Hi Taki, great to have met you. You must have thought who is this lokoloko white man who is shouting taki while running. I am glad you came over and introduced yourself. Great to also see the pastors keeping their bodies in shape to... ha ha ha.

sfrunner, let us know when your blog start so we can start commenting brother.

Anonymous said...


thanks for posting my pic with tessa and my vid.

pagaling ka dude para maka pag tri ka the meantime (while injured), focus na muna sa bike and swim.


Tech Spec said...

levy - Sayang, nakuhanan din sana kita video. Bike naman tayo one of these days. :)

prometheuscometh - Thanks. I'm still hoping I could run soon. Yeah, sana sumama din ako sa booth. This race was really fun noh... and since there wasn't so many runners, it was such a reunion. I should have met you personally.

sfrunner - Thanks. When you get here by november ill try to get pictures with you too. :)

Philip - I knew the moment you called me that it was you. :)
Congratulations on your new bike and I hope we can bike one of these days.

Norman - Its my pleasure. :) Bagay na bagay kayo ni Tessa. :)