Monday, September 22, 2008

Running for P.E. classes

I've read this article from in this link: Marathon 101.

The first thing that came into my mind is that this is a great idea! Maybe some schools(Highschool, Colleges) have already included running as part of their P.E. curriculum, but during our time (just a couple of years back :P), our P.E. class focused mainly on Basketball, swimming, table tennis, soccer, and uhm.. ball room dancing. I'm not talking about plain athletics, or physical fitness exercise that we used to do in our highschool P.E. class, but a rigid curriculum that will help students achieve a goal such as completing a 10K, half marathon, or perhaps even a full marathon. To my opinion and maybe because I'm biased about running, this is a good idea for various reasons:

1.) It helps students to live a healthy lifestyle
2.) Help them achieve goals they thought isn't possible
3.) Its cheap and doesn't require student's parents for additional expenditures
4.) Hey its also fun!

So highschool principals and college directors should consider putting this into their curriculum.


marga said...

sa ateneo may running for PE. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. It was running in a P.E. class back in 1968 that got me started in running. It was one of the curriculums back in the day. We had basketball, soccer, swimming, volleyball and others according to a four week block of different events.

I had a day off recently during the week and I was amazed that a local high school during a P.E. class had walking for a half mile around the school area! Nothing against walking but students can do that anytime. They were in their gym clothes but for the most part, the students weren't taking this even serious.

I was on a training run at the time and was headed to the Golden Gate Bridge and back to my apartment. On the way back, I did see the same local high school cross country team (only seven of them) working out on the Fort Mason hill. There could have been more students running with the right direction.