Friday, November 7, 2008

New Balance Training Update

Its just a week left before the New Balance race and I was unfortunate to have been stricken by a cold which took 3 days of running from my schedule. It was only yesterday when I felt quite better. Because I badly wanted to run, I talked to my friends to join me in an evening run around the Bonifacio Highstreet. We did 12K of easy pace chatting, joking and talking about pretty much anything under the sun.. err.. moon. Who would have thought that running in the evening with friends could be so much fun.

After the run, while chatting with my friends I felt some heaviness in my back and I felt so weak. I guess I wasn't able to drink much water before the run. Good thing Jaja brought enough supply of Rush and water that helped me to get hydrated.

Now as I write, I plan to run again tonight. I feel some soreness on my throat though. I just hope the 1000mg doses of Vitamin C that I've been drinking would prevent me from getting sick again.

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Anonymous said...

i saw you this morning together with philips, you guys are great...