Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raising Hope Year 2

Lets support the Cancer Resource and Wellness Community in this fund raising program that will be held in Rockwell Center Makati on September 21, 2008 around 6am to 9am. The first CAREWELL fund raising running activity was held last year. Heres the link of my old post:
I was privileged to be there and it was very memorable to me. The reason being, is that it was the very first running activity I joined. It was the place where I was able to meet new running friends and buddies. It was also the first activity that helped me to see how fun running can be. During that time, I haven't joined a single race yet.

Now for the second time around, in cooperation with New Balance and Planet Sports, this fund raising activity will once again be held in the same venue. This is a walk/run for a cause fund raising activity that invites everyone who wants to support CAREWELL and who wants to build a healthy lifestyle.

For those who would be joining this running event for the first time, take note that this is not a race, so there aren't any finish line. All you need to do is run around Powerplant while wearing the CAREWELL baller bands. Its up to you how far or long you want to run. So just run, meet new friends and enjoy the event.

See you there. :)


The foreign runner said...

Taki, it would be nice but it is the same date as the UP run or am I mistaken?

Tech Spec said...

Hi Philip, I'm not really sure when the UP run is. But this one is this coming Sunday. It isn't a race though, but more of a time to meet new running friends. :)

Anonymous said...

naks, bago na picture..hehe


Anonymous said...

Taki, it's great that New Balance and Planet Sports are helping with the sponsorship of this event. Definitely, this is a great concept.

On this side of the world, this Sunday is the 5K Race For The Cure (breast and all of cancer) here in San Francisco. I'll be involved in it in some capacity. New Balance is one of the major sponsors and has been for six years.

marga said...

champion na champion ang dating mg piktyur natin dyan ah :p

Tech Spec said...

Marga - hahaha kunwari lang yang pic na yan. I guess its about time to change the pic para bagay naman sa blog content na pang running. Ang papalitan ko nalang to family pic is yung sa multiply site ko para pang whatever topics nalang yun. hehe.