Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nike Park ULTRA Training Week 2

This training program organized by Nike Park and handled by Coach Rio is really a blessing to many runners and those who wants to get into running. In fact, it is so organized, and the trainers (including Coach Rio) are so dedicated to help us achieve our goals. And to think that the training program is free! I would like to thank Nike Park and Coach Rio for giving us the opportunity to learn and for helping us to achieve our goals. Its truly appreciated in the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday was a speed session. We did a 3x200 in 3 sets. The distance was short for every repeat, but the speed was fast. I went there with my friend Narod who was previously part of UP LB track team. He is actually very fast. I'm not actually surprised since his records are of short or middle distances. If I'm not mistaken, his 5K PR is around 17minutes for a 5K.

After the training we did some core abdominal exercises. During one of the exercise my abdominal muscles curled and it was painful. This clearly shows how I lack some core strengthening exercises. We ended the session with some stretching exercises. This was actually hard for me since I'm so inflexible.

It was also nice to see familiar faces such as Mark, Jaymie, Tiffin, Wilbert, Chris, Marvs, Vimz, Dennis, Kat and other runners who hopefully won't castigate me if I forgot to mention their names here. I may not have been able to chat with you guys that much and its our fault for arriving late, but I guess we'll see each other next week, or this Friday for our 5K tempo run at Bonifacio Highstreet.

After the training, somebody can shoot me by telling this - Narod and I tried the ultimate sisig at Ay See. It's just in front of Ultra and there are lots of cars parked outside the karinderya so you won't miss it. I would really recommend trying them at least ones in your lifetime. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend 5K Race Part 2 (Animo Run)

This was the event I was really anticipating for since I've joined the Alumni category, and just maybe I can get the chance to get the alumni category at this one. As I arrived at the venue with my wife, we visited the rest rooms and I lined up in front of the starting. I told my wife I'd try to race this one. I'm not sure what pace I'd try to maintain, but I told myself I'd give my all for this one. When the gun sounded I tried to run and maintain a 4 to 4:15 min/km pace. I tried to overtake as many as I can until I got to the point of overtaking the 10K runners who ran 5minutes earlier. I was consistent in pacing this runner with a grey sando and boy he's really fast. I told myself I'll keep up pacing with him until the end of the 5K whatever it takes. All along the course I felt great following this runner with the grey sando. Then I reached the finish line. But here is the bad part, at the shoot, the guy getting the tags asked me where my barcode was. I looked at my race bib and the barcode was gone! I was told the guy that it might have fell somewhere in the middle of the race. I also told him that I was at the alumni division. The guy then told me, "Sir doon kayo sa kabilang lane". I was like "what?". So I crossed and went at the DLSU lane. I told the girl who was suppose to take the barcode at that lane that I was an alumni. She was holding a piece of paper at that time and she wrote my number in that piece of paper and I can see clearly that in the DLSU lane I was the 3rd finisher. But, there she wrote that I had no barcode. I asked her if there could be a problem with the results if I didn't have a barcode and she said that they already wrote my number. As I left the shoot I knew I'd have a good chance of getting the alumni category. Besides, the first two might probably be a DLSU student or an athlete. My time in my watch was 21:07. Again, not a PR, but at least is the fastest 5K I've run for the past 3 months.

After the race, the best part was when I got to talk with other runner bloggers such as Nora, Vener, Jerry, Dennis, and Jinoe. We had some photo sessions and then when the winners were being announced I told them I'd check the results. My wife was there to accompany me during the announcement.

While the winners were being announced, a lot of runners were complaining. It seems like the real winners in the top 10 male and female were mixed up. This is also true with the age category. In fact Nora my friend who is already 50 years old (oks lang ah sabihin ko age mo?) did not get any prize. The announcer said there was no women 50years in above who ran the event. But it wasn't true. Nora finished the 5K and she deserved to get the prize. Anyway, this part of the event was disastrous. Poor announcers, some runners are blaming and shouting at them. They weren't the organizers, so its but right that all complaints aren't addressed to them. I saw the girl announcer walking out of frustration. My wife and I stayed for 30 more minutes waiting for the DLSU category to be announced, but because of the problems with the 5K and 10K open categories, a girl announced that for the DLSU category, the winners will instead be texted. Of course for me this was dissapointing. I'm no longer expecting a text or call from them. I have a feeling that since I didn't have any barcode, I'd forfeit the chance of getting a prize. I'm not really after the gift pack anyway. I'd just be happy getting the medal if I really deserved it.

Oh well, at least I had a great run. I just wonder how the others did at the UNICEF run.

Weekend 5K Race Part 1 (Race for Life)

It was my first time to do two races in two consecutive days last weekend. I know I know... I've broken one of the sacred rules in racing. But the original plan was to run a slow 5K and pace my wife during the Race for Life and race my heart out at the Animo run and hopefully get the chance to win the alumni category.

Anyway that was the plan, not until race day of the Real Life Foundation. When I arrived at the venue I was battling with my competitive nature. There was a part of me that wanted to give my all, and a part of me that wanted to hold back. We arrived at the place 20 minutes before the race was to start and I saw many familiar faces from church. When we entered the starting area I stayed with my wife at the back of the crowd. And so it seems that I'd be taking this one easy. The 10K runners ran first and there was a 5minutes interval before our turn to run. When the gun sounded, me and my wife started walking and everybody were passing us by. My wife started to jog then she told me, "cge takbo ka na". Was that a sign or what? I saw Mark a friend from taft church and told him to accompany my wife, but I guess he was busy talking to the phone (during the race) and he didn't notice me. Anyway, I decided to do my best for the whole 5k. At the back of my mind, I said "bahala na if I'll still have enough to race the Animo run tomorrow". I did my best and finished the race at 21minutes 49seconds. It wasn't a PR but I was happy to place some effort in running this one. I'm excited to see the results.

After the race, I had some photo sessions with some of my friends. Pastor Ado, Pastor Nixon, Omar and many other friends.

After the race, I, my wife and daughter ate at Mc Donalds. I was so blessed to spend my Saturday morning run with my family.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Racing the Short Ones (Animo Run, Real Life Run)

My very first race was the Adidias Run For Love 10K, and ironically I jumped right away to a 10K before even trying a 5K race. In fact it took many other 10K races, even a whole marathon before I officially ran my first 5K.

Yes its easy to finish a 5K race, but to my opinion, its incredibly difficult to race it. I've survived and maintained a pace in long distances such as a 15K race. But it was in the 5K event were I experienced stopping in the middle of the road trying to gasp for air.

Tomorrow and this coming Sunday I've registered to two racing events. The 5K at the Real Life Foundation run and another 5K at the animo run. Its actually my first time to race two consecutive races. Knowing that they are both 5Ks kinda scares me.

See you at the races this weekend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My friend Ben has put up this quite amazing idea of a Photo Vendo for runners. If you see some camera men during races, thats probably them and they'll be taking pictures of you running at different angles. Now here is the best part. If you plan to order some pictures, all you need to do is go to this site http://beta.photovendo.ph, enter your race number, and all your running pictures during the race gets displayed. You can choose and order the pictures you want and pay via BDO, VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Pay Pal.

This is definitely a good news for us runners. Not to mention they really take great shots of you running.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

VSO 15K Run

It was pretty nice to see all the different runners, and bloggers who joined this event. It was actually my first time to meet Wayne, Levy and Nora. While gathering at the starting line a couple of minutes before the gun starts, I talked with Wayne, Nora and took some photos with them. Early that morning, I wasn't even feeling that well maybe due to the recent flu I got since monday. But when I got to talk with so many runner friends at the starting line, all the feeling of uneasyness were gone. I was so happy meeting all of them. In fact, for those blogger friends I just met that day, it didn't felt like it was the first time meeting them. It felt like I've known them already for so long.

I was treating the run as my long run. I've been missing my long runs every sunday and I needed to do a long run before running the New Balance 25K. I ran along with Joe and Wayne. Early during the run, Wayne had problems with his hydration belt. It was too loose for him and so the bottles kept on falling. Me and Joe decided to help Wayne carry some of the water bottles. Joe took one and I got one as we ran along the 15K route. 5K left on the run when me and Joe were going back down the Bayani Road. The speed was faster now than the first 10K. I thought that it was okay to speed up the last 5K to at least gain some VO2Max training effect.

The hardest part was at the Mc Kinley road, but this was'nt surprise because I've ran this route before in the most recent Mizuno Infinity Run. The good thing was the turning point was changed. It was no longer at the deepest area of the road. After the turn around it becomes harder because of the steep ascent. Joe told me to go ahead. He wanted to take it easy and later I found out that after 15K he ran more kilometers. The guy is really an endurance animal and its no surprise that he was awarded by the Bald Runner with 1000KM club t-shirt. My Fort Striders friends Joy and Regie was there waiting for me so that we can run together. During the last 2KM of the run, they pushed the pace (which they always do) until I reached the finish line.

Overall it was a great race and it was well organized. All had kilometer markers, lots of rush and water and a nice wheather. Congratulations to Rio.

I was able to talk to Philip after the race. Since he was running the New Balance 25K, we talked about pacing one another during the run. Apparently Ben also plans the same thing. So I think the New Balance 25K would be a fun race running side by side with running friends. I just hope they don't push the pace harder than I can handle. But if they do, ill still stick to my plan. :)

See you guys at Clark!

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Balance Training Update

Its just a week left before the New Balance race and I was unfortunate to have been stricken by a cold which took 3 days of running from my schedule. It was only yesterday when I felt quite better. Because I badly wanted to run, I talked to my friends to join me in an evening run around the Bonifacio Highstreet. We did 12K of easy pace chatting, joking and talking about pretty much anything under the sun.. err.. moon. Who would have thought that running in the evening with friends could be so much fun.

After the run, while chatting with my friends I felt some heaviness in my back and I felt so weak. I guess I wasn't able to drink much water before the run. Good thing Jaja brought enough supply of Rush and water that helped me to get hydrated.

Now as I write, I plan to run again tonight. I feel some soreness on my throat though. I just hope the 1000mg doses of Vitamin C that I've been drinking would prevent me from getting sick again.