Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jr Striders Breakfast Party

A year has passed and looking back brings a lot of memories. We have seen the many benefits of running. And perhaps the most important benefit is that it has been the avenue to build friendships. This Christmas, I thank God for allowing me to make plenty of PRs... or Personal Relationships.

One morning, with my Fort Striders family, we spend the time bonding at Josh' place were we ate Glen Pogi's ultimate longanisa. We also had a taste of protein packed Australian cereals care of Kuya Melvin. It was a time of stories not just about running but pretty much anything under the sun such as Regie's lovelife and Glen's future business plans.

We finished the day with our stomach and hearts filled with longanisa and laughter. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. Happy New Year and a safe and injury free 2009! Please take care.

Fun Pen said...

What a beautiful site for a run!
Novelty Pen