Sunday, July 27, 2008

My First Biking Experience Around the Metro

I've been longing to give my bike a tour of the metro but I was too scared doing it alone. So who best to ask than someone who would never say no to an answer when it comes to bike rides. And thats Marga. I never intended to stroll too far from my place for one, it might not be a good idea since I'll be running the tnf100 half marathon trail run the next day.

I met Marga at ROX and our first stop was at 711 were I bought a bottle of rush. Then we headed to Mall of Asia and did two rounds in the area. We then headed to CCP where during the ride we saw Mon running. We had breakfast at Jollibee before we headed to Coastal mall, Moonwalk and then to Merville where we passed by my folks place. Marga got to meet Ayanna, the daughter of my brother and Mavic my sister and they had a little chat about, well, work. :) Then we went to service road going back to Villamor. Then I headed back home from Villamor passing by the Fort. I think I logged approximately 50K for the tour. It was my first bike ride and it was really great. Ang dami mo ng binibinyagan Marga.. hehe...


marga said...

oh taki super bitin ang ride natin! if you didn't have the TNF that day i would have taken you to tagaytay!

next time bro! and dapat mavic has her bike na soon! to think that my wheels are... ehem, mavic aksium. haha

Tech Spec said...

Marga - next time we can go to tagaytay. I need to tune up my bike muna. The gears are noisy so ill have them fixed this weekend. If mavic gets a bike that will be great. Ewan ko lang when she plans to get one.