Thursday, June 25, 2009

Globe Run for Home

There are lots of reasons why every runner should be excited about this race. It would be the first time in the country where we could expect perks that are only available to other countries before. Here’s what you should expect from this race:

- Timing Chips which will allow runners to get incredibly accurate times.
- You can immediately see your race results in the internet as soon as you crossed the finish line.
- A software in the internet is available that will allow you to do an analysis of your run. You can determine you ranking within your age group, who was in front of you at a particular kilometer, or even determine were where you when the first lady crossed the finish line.
- The run will also provide live updates of the run so your family members can see in the internet where you are exactly during the race.
- There will be a lot of food stalls in the finish line.
- When you join the race, you are extending help to Habitat for Humanity and Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog Pasig.
- The registration is so cheap considering your using a timing chip, and you get to earn a phone load.

Please note that the LAST DAY of Registration will be on July 3 so hurry!

You can register at any Globe Business centers, RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street, or any Fitness First branch. To join Globe’s RUN FOR HOME, new Globe Prepaid subscribers can purchase a Globe Prepaid SIM for P45, load 300 worth of credits and register to Unlitxt All Day for P80. Existing Globe Prepaid subscribers can load P300 worth of credits and register to Unlitxt All Day for P80. Globe Post-paid subscribers and Globe Platinum members need to pay P300 fee and register to Unlitxt All Day for P80 to join the run. Otherwise, anyone can opt to register to the 3 kilometer, 5 kilometer or 10 kilometer run by paying P500 and P700 for the 21 kilometer run.

From July 16 to July 18, 2009, exactly three days before RUN FOR HOME, registered participants can pick up their race kits which include the official race number, safety pins, route maps, singlet and the disposable electronic timing chip, at the Bonifacio High Street (in front of ROX).

Log on to or visit participating Globe Business Centers and Fitness First branches in Metro Manila for more information regarding RUN FOR HOME.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nike Lunar Glide+ Test Run

A number of us runners were invited to run and test Nike's newest running product called the Nike Lunar Glide+. The Nike Lunar Glide+ has the features of Nike Lunar Lite, but has been improved by adding a technology that wasn't present before called the Dynamic Support.

Dynamic support simply means it can dynamically support both a neutral gait and feet that tends to overpronate. Most runners, even those who considered themselves are neutral still tends to overpronate when our feet gets tired. This is where the Nike Lunar Glide+ comes into play and dynamically supports your feet when you begin to overpronate.

We did a couple of loop around Bonifacio High Street and so far it felt really good. I have always been a fan of lightweight trainers, but I was looking for a lightweight training shoe that still gives great support for running long distances, and Nike has given me a Father's day present to test.

It's also a great shoe not only for runners, but also for those who want a casual everyday walking shoe because of the dark sleek design for men.

I'll probably be running tonight to do more tests. Lets see how the shoe helps during a tempo run.

The Men's Health All Terrain Experience

I wasn’t really sure what to expect during the Men’s Health All Terrain race last Sunday. Sure I’ve joined the TNF100 last year and this year, but when I joined this one, it would really be my first to race it. The TNF last year was a “Hey lets just try it” pace, and the TNF this year was to accompany my wife for her first 10K Trail run. But the Men’s Health All Terrain would be my third race so now its time to give my all for this one.

I wasn’t sure how to adjust my pace in this trail race since there are too many variables involved. I was pretty sure racing on trails will give you a lesser time, but my biggest question is how much? But just to get me going, I gave myself a target time of 46-47 minutes which would be less than my normal road race time.

I lined myself in front of the starting line hoping to get a fresh start. When the race started the first 500 meters would be road. I looked at my Garmin as I reached 4min/km to 4:26min/km. Then thought I just needed to maintain a pace below 5 throughout the trail. However, contrary to what I expected the trail wasn’t really relatively flat. It was practically rolling all the way. The trail had also plenty of twist and turns. The pace slowed down to 5 to 5:30. Halfway on the trail I was pretty much drained and exhausted. It was kind of crazy that I was now running at a much slower pace, but my heart rate was shooting rapidly. So I slowly tried to regain my composure, slowed down a bit, and when it feels I can speed up again I’d go for it. As the last stretch of the trail approached I was, in someway hanging for dear life. As I crossed the finish line I knew this would be one of my most memorable races. I clocked 53:04 with a distance of 10.29KM according to my Garmin. It was funny I was targeting for 46-47minutes and the 53minutes almost took the lights off of me. Next time, I shouldn’t under estimate a trail again.

Thanks to Rio, Finishline and Men’s Health Magazing for organizing such a fantastic event. I hope there will be another one close within this year.

The results are also out in Run Rio. I was surprised to see myself to be in 9th place.

After the race, I had my photo taken and saw Tiffin well, who also had a unique experience at the 10K race. We waited for Mark to finish his 15K and we ate breakfast Sta Elena country club afterwards.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Men's Health All-Terrain Sta Rosa Laguna

Do you want to run in a place where no one has ever ran before? If so, I'm pretty excited in the upcoming Men's Health All-Terrain race this coming June 21. It will be held in Sta Rosa laguna. The venue is a newly opened trail and it a once in a lifetime experience to join this one.

You can register at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street. The event categories involve 5K, 10K and 15K.

See you there. Now I need a new trail running shoe. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mizuno Infinity Run 2009

It was a last minute registration for me when I signed up to join the 15K of the Mizuno Infinity Run event. The reason is that I wasn't sure I wanted to race specially when I thought the weather won't cooperate (at which that time I thought it won't). But I decided to join the race anyway.

At the starting line I saw Levy where we had a tiny chat about the upcoming Animo Sprint Tri (I'm still to decide if I'll join this one). I also saw Totoy at the starting line and deep inside my competitive nature wanted to take the challenge of beating him at the race. But I knew for runners with the likes of Totoy would be very hard to beat.

As expected, the race started early. My goal was to maintain a pace of 4:25 for as long as I can throughout the race. The first 10KM was pretty relax, but beyond that point I could feel heaviness in my breathing. So I had to slow down a bit and prepare for the final bridge assault, which to my experience has always been the most dreadful part of any race that includes the Buendia flyover. After conquering the Buendia Fly over I could now see someone far in front wearing a black singlet. I was wondering who could it be, so slowly I tried to increase my pace hoping to reach this runner. As I reached Net One building I was slowly gaining until I was pretty surprised to recognize the runner with the black singlet: It was Totoy! Around 900 meters left to the finish line and there he is. I tried to increase my pace even harder until we got to meet at the road between Serendra and Bonifacio High Street. We were ready to turn left and race to the finish when the marshall told us to still run straight and make another u-turn. Totoy said he was gone, but I was tired also. A few hundred meters to the finish line I was ahead by a couple of meters from Totoy. I thought I could beat him, but the guy had a sprint arsenal left. Totoy won and I was a second or two behind him. I give my congratulations to Totoy Santos, specially for winning his age category. I clocked 1:08:05 according to my Garmin with a total distance of 15.18KM.

I was so glad I joined the race. It was a perfect weather and It was a fantastic race for me. :)

After the race, met up with some friends and had some photo ops. :) Unfortunately, I'm still waiting to grab some of my friends photos. I didn't had any camera with me during the race.

The results are out and I'm happy to be the 20th guy in the list:
Race Results

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Earth Run Results

The Earth Run 2009 results are out for the 16K and 3K. The 5K hasn't been posted yet. You can find the results at the website.

For easy access, here are the links of the results:
16K Overall Results
3K Overall Results

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alleycat Race 2009

This has been a week overdue. Me and my partner Glenn joined the Alleycat Race last Saturday, the day before the Earth Run race. Its the 2nd Alleycat race, and we won the executive category last year, so we were pretty much excited to join this race again. We didn't know that we were in for a great treat this year. The race points are filled with more challenging tasks which includes mental and physical activities.

To those who aren't familiar with the race, it is similar to Amazing Race except that you move from one point to another using your bikes. The goal is to earn as many points as you can by visiting designated points and completing the different tasks. There is a cut off time of 1 hour and 45minutes, so within the alloted time frame, you need to collect as many points as you can.

The challenges involved some whacky challenges such as shooting a football in a goal while the person to kick is blind foolded. There are all sorts of puzzles and tasks that involved mathematical skills.

It was really a great experience. For this year though, we didn't win 1st place, but we won 6th place overall and got 2 thousand cash and gift packs from Columbia.

Can't wait for the next Alleycat Race!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Men's Health All Terrain Race 2009

If your up for another trail running experience, we have one who's race date is closer than you think.

This is the Men's Health All Terrain! This is organized by Coach Rio and Vince Mendoza of Finish Line, so expect a great racing event. :)