Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Has Been Going On Recently

Its been awhile since I've last posted a blog entry. And thats because there are so many things to do and I haven't had the time to blog lately. But a lot of things has happened so far and I'd like to share them.

I know this was weeks ago so sorry for just posting it now. I had the chance to join the Mommy Milkshake run. And what makes it so special is that I was gonna run, uhm.. walk.. well run and walk with my family. Many familiar faces were there such as Jaymie, Joms and Aljo. The distance was just around 2.5 km but it was fun being with my family.

The week after was a no race day. But it was a date with my family. In the morning, we attended the Baby Sign Language seminar that was lead by none other than TBR! It was such a fun class and we had learned so many things about baby signing. This is all thanks to Jaymie. For those who have babies and toddlers younger than 2 years of age, I would recommend to join Jaymie's class. I've been trying to teach my daughter to do signing. As of now, she knows how to sign bye bye.. :) We spent the rest of the day at Richmond Hotel where we got the perks of gym, an indoor heated pool and a breakfast buffet the next day. Although I didn't run the Men's Health Miracle run, I still got to tuck a run at the treadmill. I wasn't really disappointed not to run the race since being able to spend with my family was definitely priceless. And besides, it was at the hotel where I got to run my fastest treadmill run. I was able to run 8k (which is for me long for a treadmill) at an average pace of 15.2 km/h.

Meanwhile at the Men's Health Miracle race, even if I wasn't there, I'm proud to announce that my running buddies Glenn (picture on the right) and Reggie (picture on the left) won 2nd place of the Team Relay at the Men's Health with a total time of approximately 37 minutes for 10K.

As for me for previous week, most of my runs are on a treadmill and a few runs outside. The longest I've had so far was 13 kilometer last monday at my second favorite running getaway - Makati Park.

Will hit the treadmill again tonight with my friend Omar.


The foreign runner said...

Wow that is a super fast pace for 10km. I checked on my calculator and that is a pace of 3:57 min/km!! It is almost the same pace your friends came second in the miracle relay run. Congratulations. You must then by now break 40min on 10km, something I still dream about and sure will dream about still for years to come. Congratulations and KEEP FIT!!!

Tech Spec said...

Hi foreign runner,

Thanks for the comment. Although treadmill runs would be easier if you would subtract certain aspects such as impact on hard concrete and wind resistance. I'm still hopeful to get that sub 40 minutes. It is still one of my faith goals this year.

I'm sure you'll eventually get your goal. Soon you'll be amazed that your current tempo pace will soon feel easy. Just keep on running.

marga said...

wow pare you're a cheetah! balang araw, makaka-pace din kita... kahit 5 seconds lang masaya na ako hehehe. if all else fails... bike na lang! haha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Taki. Another great post and photos.

Thanks again as always and will see you in November!

Tech Spec said...

wayne- Thanks. :) See you soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Yo Taki,

How's your right heel? Still aching? Anyway, get well soon!

*Funny experience on the movie treadmill hahaha... Dami kasing tao! :P

Let's run again. :P

Tech Spec said...

Omar - yeah. I really got an injury the night of our treadmill run. Its pretty ironic it happened on the treadmill and to think I only ran 7K. I'm still limping, but at least it doesn't hurt as much as it did days ago. I just did some biking today and yesterday. I wanted to ran along the runners at nike, but I think I cant. Ill be there though to support Pastor Nixon and Pastor Ado who would be running the Nike event. Its Pastor Nixon's first race. Ill also assist them in uploading the results of the nike sensor. Ill be bringing my laptop and Globe Visibility modem tomorrow. So in case you want to have your nike uploaded immediately to get the nike finisher bracelet then you can look for me tomorrow. C u.

Tech Spec said...
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Tech Spec said...

Marga - Pag dating sa bike hirap talaga ako.. I did my rounds at bonifacio highstreet everyone seems to overtake me.. hehe... I know you would improve even more. Sumama ka lagi kay Reva magiimprove ka pa lalo.