Sunday, September 30, 2007

My 6K Rain Jog

Yesterday was really a bad day, but I knew I should'nt miss training to build my endurance. Because of the heavy rain, I already had a 2 days rest, which is good, since I made a 9K jog prior to resting. However, 2 days is long enough for my next training, so I went out at Makati park, even if the floor was so slippery and made 10 laps to according to my suunto footpod has a distance of 6.08K. Completed the distance for approximately 37mins. Was not so impressive since the floor was slippery so I had to slow down a bit. But nevertheless, I had a good work out. My next target is to do a complete 10K jog with probably a 1K tempo run, and hopefully reach my first target in less than an hour. But of course, that all depends on the wheather.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Got my Suunto T3

At last, I've purchased the Suunto T3 watch, for a bargain price of 10K, and its really an amazing tool for running enthusiast such as me. I got mine, the one with the yellow strap from Time Depot. I'm not sure if there are other dealers who sells this watch here in the Philippines.

The downside of this watch is its made up of mostly plastic, and it looks like an ordinary watch. It doesn't look expensive.

But it sure has plenty of features you won't see in other normal Heart Rate Monitors. The watch is capable of detecting your heart rate, calories burned, and a unique feature in suunto which is Training Effect. It has a capability to store up to 15 training sessions, which is good if you want to keep track of your progress. You can also connect it to your laptop using the Suunto pc pod, and you can analyze your progress at a much better way using the Suunto downloadable software. You can also mount the watch in a foot pod, to meausre distance and speed.

This watch is really a running motivator, and keeps you moving and push beyond your limit.