Thursday, October 30, 2008

Building Base

The most important ingredient for endurance is definitely the long runs. And with all the training I've been doing this is the ingredient that has always been compromised. Yes, tempo runs and intervals makes you fast, but long runs make you last. The reason being is that I'd be joining the New Balance race this november, and if I plan to at least survive 25KM, then I shall need those long runs.

I'm planning to make a base of 10K for most of the trainings and more than that on Sundays. The NB race this coming november will technically be my first 25K race. The previous NB races were all 10Ks. I'm planning to survive this one with a 5min/km pace. So lets see how it goes.

I hope my plantar injury will not come in the way of my training. I'll be partnering more with my Asics Nimbus 9 this time since it has more cushion. For now, New Balance 903 is benched.

This morning I did 10.23KM in 52min 41secs. Tomorrow, I hope I'll do longer. I was suppose to do the 5K holloween run this evening, but it was unfortunate that the race numbers were sold out at ROX. Oh well, maybe evening is a date with my wife.

For those who are joining the Isuzu Shake Rattle and Run later tonight, I hope you'll have a grand time. For those who will be joining the New Balance Power Race, I'll see you guys there.

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run unltd. said...

I'll run the 25 at NB too. See you there Taki.