Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks to those who Joined the OctobeRun

To all the runners, bloggers, fitness enthusiasts, friends who joined the 4th OctobeRun Festival, I would like to thank you on behalf of the Fort Strider's running club. I hope you enjoyed the race. The race results are still being processed, but it will be posted soon in www.thefortstriders.com and http://fortstriders.multiply.com once the results are out.

For the first time runners I hope this wouldn't be your last. There are races almost every week so I'll see you in most races. :)

Keep on running friends. :)


Jinoe said...

Hi Taki. Nice meeting you at the OctobeRun. I also saw the DVD. Asteeg. :D

Anonymous said...

artista ka pala! hehehe nice run, nice dvd :D

- joe

jan said...

Congratulations to Fort Striders for a very successful race! Iba talaga kapag fellow runners ang nag-organize ng event.

Nora, the golden girl said...

Congrats, Taki. I heard the OctobeRUN was a huge success except for the 15-minute delay in starting time.

Too bad I missed it. My daughter Eia got sick the night before Oct. 26.

Could I still get the free DVD for myself and my aunt? We would love to get our copies.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and Fort Striders for a well-organized race :) Ganda nga ng DVD :)


Anonymous said...

Salamat din for a great race.

Tech Spec said...

Jinoe - Yeah it was nice meeting you too. They forced me to help with the DVD.. hehe... I hope it helps many beginners to enjoy running as much as we do.

joe - haha so you saw the DVD. I know stuff in it are trivial to us runners, but I hope they help those who are just starting to run.

Jan - thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the run :) Next year we hope to make the 5th OctobeRun even better. :)

Nora - sayang you weren't able to join. I think meron pang DVDs. I'll try to get a DVD for you. Let me know when you are available para mabigyan kita.

Levy - thanks bro. Kelan ang next tri or duathlon?

Wilbert - Your welcome. :) Next time isasama natin si Naldy to join with the races. The guy is busy climbing mountains, baka naman gusto niya i-try ang running. :)

Nora, the golden girl said...

Thanks, TAki. Kung pwede, 2 DVDS: for Ate Ella and me. Di rin siya nakatakbo coz she's supposed to go with me.

I'll be running 5k in the VSO. Hope to see you there.

Thank you in advanced!

Bro J said...

Hi Taki, it was a great run for my family. We enjoyed it a lot. Swthrt and I ran the 5k while the kids ran the 3K. Very well organized.