Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Night Runs

For most runners many already hit the road around 5am doing their morning runs. This is to avoid the heat of the sun and the only time where they can fit a run in their schedule. For this week though most of my runs are during the evening. I end work at 6pm, reach home at around 630pm and run going to Bonifacio Highstreet and head back home.

Evening runs has its own unique impact to your running experience. Its more quiet since there aren't that many runners who run in the evening. Its only when I get to Bonifacio Highstreet where I would see few people running around the area. I also feel so peaceful while running at night.

So again for tonight, I will hit the road. Care to join me?


Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. Hopefully, some people joined in the night run with you. At this time of the year, when I run at night, I usually run with a group as well.

Take care and have a nice weekend!

Gene Ordanza said...

Hey Taki, great meeting you at the dinner party last Monday! Thanks for the gift! 'hope to run with you at the races next year :-)