Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 Days without Running

Indeed for this week I had zero running. And most of these days were spent in bed. I wish I had a choice but I didn't have any. Monday was my rest day and starting tuesday until yesterday I had a fever bursting from 38 to 39 degrees celcius. The worst part is, I practically had no idea what has caused it. It was so frustrating but nevertheless I had to cope with reality. Hopefully I'll get a chance to run tomorrow and get a hit once again of those endorphins. Perhaps its one way our body can humble us telling us to keep it easy. Anyway looking at the bright side, my legs feels so much fresh.


Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. Hope you're feeling better. I've heard the fever's been going around over there.

Take care and have a good weekend!

Tech Spec said...

hi wayne,

thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I think lots of people are getting sick lately and maybe because of sudden changes in weather.

Btw, mail me when you get here on november and maybe I can join you with other of our blogging friends in runs.

Omar Cruz said...

hey taki!

hahaha.. i feel sick.. what's up with that? Hope to get well soon for this Sunday! :)


Anonymous said...

hi taki,
testing my wordpress account for comments.. :)


Anonymous said...

i hate getting sick. i know the feeling! get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Taki, it would be an honor to run with you and the blogging friends. When we do, please pick out your favorite routes.

Hope you're feeling better and good luck tomorrow if you're running!

marga said...

awww bro me too last saturday pm pa until now!

kaya DNF sa lasalle run boohoohoo

Tech Spec said...

sfrunner - ill see you soon. Just keep me posted.

Omar - Good thing you were able to pass by One Lasalle yesterday. I didn't get to see you, and thats because we left early. We didn't even get to see who won.

prometheus - yeah, its difficult when you missed your runs. I got my real run this morning. I Did a 10k just this A.M. and I'm happy I did.

Marga - at least you are able to do some cross training with your bike. Anyway just to let you know, I'm getting myself a bike hehehe.. so saan ang biking sessions?