Monday, October 22, 2007

New Balance Running Hope

We had a great time at Rockwell last sunday at the New Balance run for a cause event called Running Hope, where the proceeds goes to Carewell. I met new friends as well as old friends during the running event.

I got to meet Diego (Red Singlet), an old colleague at La Salle Computer Science, who apparently also does running as a hobby.

I also got to meet other professional runners from the Fort Strider's club. They are a group of running enthusiasts who just smiles at 5K and really tackles the longer marathon distances of 42KM. They train almost everyday at distances 10K and more.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pico De Loro

We climbed Pico de Loro last friday and it was a great experience. From the peak, you get to view the horizon in 360 degrees angle. It was also a good workout. It was literally a strenghening exercise to build up your leg muscles.

After the climb, I had a day of rest, and I guess climbing the mountain increased my fitness level since I was able to jog 12K yesterday without feeling too tired.

Monday, October 8, 2007

5k and 10k morning jog

Last week has been my break. It didn't rain almost the entire week so I had the chance to run. I had two major jog last week: One 5K and one 10K.

Was able to complete 5K in 26mins 53secs. Thats good for me, cause its already a major improvement to my previous record. At last, I was able to complete a 10K jog for 1hours 5mins and 55 secs.

Really love this physical activity, and I'm aiming to increase my performance in the upcoming weeks by incorporating a series of speed work, intervals and tempo runs. My goal hopefully is to be able to complete 5K in 20mins or less. Its a long shot, but I'm determined to do it.