Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A 5k at Last

At lqst after so long of being inactive from running, I have managed to run again. I just came from Mckinkey hill and registered a 5km run around Piazza mall. My thighs are sore but I'm happy it is. I really missed this kind of pain. I realized I have been dormant for so long from running. Now I wiah I can continue with the habbit.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hope to get back on my feet soon

I hope yo get back on mu feet soon. Can't seem to get vacj from slumber. But each time I see so many people enjoying the the breeze of the air, I'm always wish I could go back to my old habit. Time will tell. Becase they say, a runner is always a runner. And deep down inside I know I am.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Corregidor Test Run

For the first time in my life, I was able to visit the famous island of Corregidor. I have heard the historical significance of the place, but I never got the chance to visit it in my 29 years of existence. And having not done so is a major major mistake (sounds familiar).

I'm glad I was invited to experience running along the roads of what the American's call "The Rock". The experience was quite different than all the other places I have set foot on. What is spectacular is that you get to run along areas in the place with plenty of historical contributions. But beautiful as what the Island can offer poses great challenges. Yes, the hilly roads of Corregidor makes it a very tough course. But as the old saying goes "No pain, No gain".

And the good news to us runners is that a race is about to unfold on Dec 19, with only 1 tough distance. A half-marathon distance, on the hilly roads of the magnificent island of Corregidor.

So we better start fueling are muscles and prepare. Just a piece of advice to other runners, this race will require tons of hill training. I think speed work on the track will not be enough.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Men's Health All Terrain

I have been in a running hiatus for like 2 months already. I knew I needed to get back on my feet soon, and I would be more motivated to do so if I join a really great race. So, I’m returning to the sport by joining the Men’s Health All-Terrain Race on May 16. It will be Men’s Health 5th anniversary, and they will celebrating it with an all-new trail in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna on May 16, at 5am.

Nuvali is an eco village being developed by Ayala Lands, and they have opened their territory for this exciting event. In this vast and naturally rich site, runners and bikers will get to experience running and riding on pavements, dirt roads and grass lands.

I wouldn’t be as enthusiastic as now if I wasn’t there to see a sneak preview of how the terrain will look like. Men’s Health was gracious enough to arrange a 6K trial run for us and the test run was fantastic.

The terrain in Nuvali comprises of 3 types as I mentioned earlier. Pavements, grass and dirt. Majority of the trail will be dirt. What this means is depending on the weather, the dirt could be wet and slippery, or it could be thick and uneven. For those who might be interested in running using an ordinary running shoe might find this doable, if the weather conditions are right. Also, runners and bikers should be prepared for a really hot weather since the trail is an open area. That means, you wouldn’t have the luxury of trees to cover you.

Participants may choose to run the 6-kilometer, 10-kilometer or 16-kilometer trail course, or ride their bikes on the 20-kilometer or the 40 kilometer route. But for those up for the challenge, there is also the option to do both the 10-kilometer trail run and the 20 kilometer bike ride.

Here are the registration details from Men’s Health:
Registration is now ongoing at Aktiv Sports and Lifestyle Centers in Trinoma and Festival Super Mall, ROX in Bonifacio High Street and at the Summit Media Office at the 7th Floor of Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong, City. Deadline of registration is on May 7, 2010.

Oh btw, more prizes will be given out. There will be Top 5 prizes for each category.

See you guys there.

Monday, December 28, 2009

It has been saddening for our Fort Strider’s family for the passing of our good friend kuya Larry from a motorcycle accident in Bicol. I remember meeting kuya Larry at the Mizuno run clinic 3 years ago and he was the one who invited me to join the Fort Striders club. He was also there at my first running event during the first Run for Hope at Rockwell Powerplant. I’m sure some of you may have already bumped into him a couple of times since he is one who readily volunteers as a pacer.

Kuya Larry has been an inspiration to me. He once said that running is the best investment one can have. You’ll never miss him every time you meet him during your runs because he’s the type of person who would practically greet everyone he passes by.

Kuya Larry, you will always be remembered. And for everything, thank you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

17.5KM Long Run and 80KM Long Bike

I had agreed to the invitation of my friends to do a long bike last Sunday. I wasn't signed up to any race event so I thought it was a great idea to have my bike experience its first long journey. The longest it has traveled was around 45KM in a single journey.

Prior to Sunday's long ride, I had to do a long run just to complete my weekly mileage. I thought the Saturday before the long ride was the perfect day. I logged around 17.5KM last Saturday.

I met up with my friends at Kalayaan corner C5. We passed by C5 heading toward Eastwood. We passed by Antipolo until we reached Morong and headed back passing by Cardona, Binangonan and Taytay. At Antipolo we had rice stew (yup lugaw). Going back at Binangonan we passed by a buko stall. I don't know if someone else would agree with me, but drinking buko juice seemed a lot refreshing than drinking a bottle of Gatorade.

After getting back to Manila, we passed by a little bit at Joy's place where we each had a glass of Herbalife shake. I couldn't believe burning 2000 calories could easily feel well replenished by a single 80 calories shake. But really, I felt so full and well nourished after the shake that after reaching home, I had no qualms on heading to Glorietta to accompany my wife shop.

It was my first 80KM ride and it was a fantastic experience that should have a regular slot in my training.