Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Running on Treadmills

I've looked through the internet for opinions about which is harder: running on a treadmill or running outside. Some says running outside is harder because of the wind resistance. Others says the treadmill because its boring. There was even an article that says adding a percent incline on a treadmill makes it harder since the force of wind resistance is negligible. So it seems that this has been an ongoing debate.

Since its rainy season here, I had no other choice than to run on a treadmill. Hence this curious question came about. For a couple of days lately, a lot of my runs are being done on a treadmill and so I have my personal answer to the question which is harder. For me personally, I felt that its harder to run on a treadmill because it requires a lot of patience to run at one place where the view is monotonous. Running on treadmill makes me miss the air gushing to my face and the view of The Fort and other runners passing by.

So far, the longest treadmill run that I've done is 47 minutes. Most of my runs are just between 20 to 30 minutes. But to compensate on the mileage lost, I try to run at my tempo pace.

Here are some of my treadmill workouts:

1.) Distance: approx 11KM
Average Pace: 13.5KPH
Time: approx 47 minutes

2.) Distance: approx 6KM
Average Pace: 14KPH
Time: approx 25 minutes

3.) Distance: approx 5KM
Average Pace: 13.5KPH
Time: approx 21 minutes


Anonymous said...

how about running on a treadmill while watching TV? sometimes that makes me forget i am on a treadmill. by the way it was you at the fort handing out energy drinks to the milo marathoners right?

The foreign runner said...

wow those are good times that you put on. I do find the treadmill more boring but run faster on the treadmill than on the road and i think it is the resistance itself and the no incline when running straight. I cant be bothered to still chang eincline and press buttons while running. It is hard doing tempo or interval training on the treadmill. What I found to help is I do a semi triathlon in the gym. Start on bike for 40 min and then do a 10km on the treadmill. It is extremely interesting for me. No matter what you do and how you do it just enjoy and KEEP FIT!

Tech Spec said...

prometheuscometh - I tried watching tv, but I tend to loose focus on the run. Anyway, yeah I was wearing black and was giving gatorade in ice candy containers. So you were one of those who ran the 42K. Congrats bro, I know it was hard especially when it was raining really hard. Thats the least I can help.

the foreign runner - On the treadmill as soon as you press start you can set the speed to walking and change the incline to .05% to 1%, that would pretty much simulate the resistance running outside (thats according to some sites but don't take my word for it). About a duathlon training in gym...I'm still yet to try that. But thats a good idea to put variety on your training. Ill probably try that one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Taki, you'll laugh at me on this but last week at Niketown, I ran on a treadmill for the very first time. It was a very weird feeling but if we had the rainy season like you guys have, I would definitely be running on one. No worries of drying shoes and socks. No worries of slipping on a street or trail.

BTW on your last post, if I was living in the Philippines, I would not only run the fourth October race but I would volunteer in some way!

Tech Spec said...

Wayne - Hi, it would've been great if you could help us out. :) I can't believe that it was your first time to run on a treadmill just last week. :) It feels different huh.. Good thing you are able to run outside more often than I do. I just wished its summer again.

marga said...

UGH I HATE TREADMILLS. I hate indoors. Sucks talaga when we're left with no choice 'no?

I ran on a treadmill at the Makati Shangrila a couple of months ago and swore that I will not run on a treadmill ever again. I'd rather run under the rain!

Water Boy said...

pretty fast times you got there.
i'm trying to get back at running, and currently i'm doing treadmill and stationary bike. afterward i do weight lifting.

argh. ang hirap bumalik sa running. where do you do your road run?

Tech Spec said...

Water Boy - Hi I think treadmill is a good option to start with since it has lesser impact when running on roads when your starting to run again. That is if you can handle the boredom of running alone with the same view. I usually do my road runs at the fort area. Where do you plan to do your runs?