Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alleycat Race Philippine Star Feature

Here are some of the pictures we got in Philippine Star's Lifestyle section last May 18. The feature was about the Alleycat Race.


Anonymous said...

hey celebrity ka na! hehehe congrats! :)

- loonyrunner

Marga said...

aba aba aba! paautograph! hahahaah

Jaymie said...

Ey, I missed this one. Congrats taki!

Tech Spec said...

loonyrunner - hahaha.. ikaw ang celebrity. Sikat ang blog mo.. hehe. :)

Marga - Sayo dapat ako nagpapaautograph noh. ;)

Jaymie - Thanks TBR!

To All - I hope to see you guys at the Rush to Infinity run. :)