Thursday, May 15, 2008

Itching for a Run

I'm probably in a whithdrawal syndrome right now. For this week there have already been two days without a run.

2 days and no runs and I'm in danger of not being able to run today. It looks like I've injured my right ankle. 2 days ago I was already limping, and today every step feels awefully painful.

So what shall I do? Ahhhh.... I don't know. I just hope and pray my ankle heals soon.


Anonymous said...

RICE! rest, ice, compression, elevate... I suggest you defer running until you're sure the ankle is ok. You risk developing a worse injury if you try to push it... which would lead to a longer time of not running... which simply is the worst!

- loonyrunner

Tech Spec said...

Hi loonyrunner,

Thanks for the advice. I saw from your blog your topic about resting. Thanks about that. About my right ankle, it feels a little better already. Ill probably do some strenghtening exercises later at gym.