Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nike Pro

It took me some time to think about buying myself a Nike Pro apparel. The Nike Pro apparel looks sleek and according to Nike, it provides optimum comfort when doing different physical activities. It hugs tight to your body so it feels like your second skin. The reason it took me time to decide whether I'd like to get myself one or not is its price. For this kind of apparel it costs P1995.00, but you could get a 10% discount in selected stores. I know that the price looks too high for any apparel, but you could try and visit Quicksilver stores, checkout their non sporty clothes and you'd see the price is the same. If your an athlete then I'd definitely prefer getting myself a Nike Pro and reap the benefits of this apparel than buying yourself shirts that cost the same.

Yesterday, I finally decided to buy myself this nice good looking apparel at Planet Sports glorietta. You could try other branches or Nike branches, but at Planet Sports, I got mine with 10% discount. I would like to thank Baldrunner for recommending this apparel. I saw from his blog that he used a Nike Pro at last sunday's Runnex race, and according to him, wearing it felt like running naked. I actually used a part of the Electronic Gift Certificate that we've won during last Sunday's Alleycat Race to buy the apparel.

Unable to control my excitement in trying out Nike Pro, just this morning I took the apparel for a run. I decided to do a 12K long run this morning around the Fort area. I enjoyed the view and felt very comfortable with my pace. I finished 12K in 56minutes and my Suunto watch register 46minutes at the 10K mark. I'm not saying that the apparel helped me run fast at a comfortable pace. It most likely didn't. But one thing is for sure, I felt very comfortable wearing it. Baldrunner was right: wearing it felt your running naked. I'm happy I got Nike Pro and I'd definitely recommend it for other athletes who wants to feel and look good while training for their sport.


marga said...

hey buddy! i intend to buy my brother the nike pro too. the red one looks nice as well, but was just wondering what other colors apart from black and gray are available? :)

Tech Spec said...

Ey marga, I saw several designs like black with some white patterns, blue, red, white, and grey. You could also get Nike Pro short sleeves I think for a lesser price. Bagay din siguro yan sa dad mo. If your dad wears that, his cuts would really show.

Gagoboy said...

Fuck you