Sunday, May 25, 2008

Taguig Run

We joined another race event last sunday. But this isn't a race event familiar to many runners. Well, almost. Not until after getting to the race venue and we saw too many elites! The race event wasn't as fabulous or as well marketed as the other races held on the same sunday such as the Vertical Run and the Doc Fit at UP. Yes it was not well marketed, but it so happened that the makati elite varsities and runners had a nose for this race. The entry was cheap and they knew they had the shot to win in the events.

I joined my very first and shortest race: The 3K 41 years old and below category. My goal time was at least a sub 12minute 3K. It was the shortest race I've ran and after finishing I wasn't that exhausted compared to my other 10K races (with pretty obvious reason of course). I was surprised I clocked at 9minutes and 10seconds, but there was something wrong with the distance. My watch only registered 2.3KM. So its 700 meter short. And I knew there was something wrong since when I was about to add speed to the pace, the finish line began to pop at my sight. So there wasn't any more time to add momentum to the speed. So indeed, this was my shortest race. Well, the race was'nt that well organized. But what do you expect with such a small budgeted race.

Anyway, I'm happy I had another race event in my record: The 3K...uh I mean 2.3K race at Taguig. :)

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