Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2nd Champion Run

Last Saturday's Champion run was another race event where I intended to break my previous PR. The goal was to get 40minutes in 10K, or if still too ambitious to achieve, I would be happy for a sub 43minute time.

Getting to the race venue on time was a race against time in itself. I arrived at the Fort Strider's meeting place at the Fort Chowking just in the nick of time. They were about to leave and if I had been seconds late, then I would have to look for a ride going to Marikina all by myself. Finding the race venue was also an adventure for us. We thought that the race event would be held at the place where the Pasig Marathon was held. We had to find our way in getting to the correct venue of the race event. Fortunately, after arriving at the place, there where still plenty of time enough to do my warm up run. I saw the baldrunner doing his warm up as well. While doing my warm up, I overheard from the announcer that the actual course is 11KM. There had been some problems due to the rain the night before and so they couldn't move the bridge to create a 10KM loop. It was an honest mistake and I'm glad that the organizers admitted the mistake before the race started.

Before the start of the race, I was talking to my other pace buddy Reggie, who also ran with me at the Mizuno Infinity run. We were so consumed with our talk that we forgot to have our bibs checked. To make it even worse, the countdown of the race began and we weren't even ready. We couldn't find anyone holding markers that would do the check in. Now we were on panic mode at that point. When the gun sounded, we thought that the 5K runners would run first and there would be enough time before the batch of 10K runners starts running. I was surprised though that even the 10K runners began running when the gun sounded. So now it seems I should be running already. Reggie saw the guy with a red marker just in front of the starting line and we had our bibs checked. We were literally walking at the back of all the runners at that point.

Now comes the hardest part of the race - overtaking the runners in front. We were at the back of the pack of runners and we were literally in a traffic jam. This is due to the fact that the road was too narrow. We were probably running at a 6 to 7min/km at that point. I whispered to myself: "there goes my PR." I was kind of disappointed already, but I told myself that I can still enjoy the race regardless of the outcome. The spirit of running isn't supposed to be just breaking PRs nor winning medals. So to get me right on track I decided to still do my best during the race and treat this as an 11KM new PR for me. Since the event would be my first 11KM race, then whatever the outcome would be a PR. Me and Reggie took advantage of any hole we could see, including the muddy sides of the road. Slowly, we were gaining speed until we reached up a controlled pace of 4:15-4:20min/km. I also stared at the elegant view of the river with so many greens around. It was so beautiful that it made me smile while running. I felt I was doing a trail run, only that I was doing it in concrete. Then it became sunny. It was a spectacular view except that it was getting hot already.

At the 8th kilometer mark, I felt thirsty due to the sun's heat and so for the first time of all my 10K races, this was the race when I took a sip of Aktivade. Slowly I reached the finish line and I was so happy to finish it.
In my watch the distance recorded was 11.29KM. So it was approximately 300 meter more than 11k. Calling Garmin users, did you register the same distance as my Suunto did? Average run pace 4:24min/km. I completed the distance according to my watch in 49mins and 34seconds. My official time though in Rio's website is 50mins and 11secs. I think Rio's site is correct since I was only able to press my watch after we have marked our bibs, so I got seconds delayed in pressing my watch. I also looked at my time after reaching the 10K mark in my Suunto watch and the time was 43mins and 44secs. The 10K was not a PR, but at least the 11K is. My only problem is looking for another race with an 11K distance to break this new PR. So Rio, when will be the next 11K race?

Anyway, about the race, it was really fun. There may be some room for improvement, but the race event wasn't really bad. I commend Rio for organizing this event amidst all odds it did push through. Congratulations also to the winners of this event, I hope you could shower your blessings to us as well.

For the marathon training, now I know a nice place to do a morning long run. Marikina is definitely a great place to enjoy those runs.


Anonymous said...

bilis mo tumakbo! maraming kanin pa kakainin ko bago ko maisipang maabot ang pace mo :) anyways, my garmin measured the distance to be 10.94 km. see you in the next races! :)

Tech Spec said...

I'm sure by the rate your going you'll get there, or even with a faster pace. My first race was 55minutes (roughly more than a year ago) and it just improved eventually. You will be surprised in 6 months time with consistent training. :) I'm still aiming on getting a sub 40min.

About your measurement, it looks like I need to re-calibrate my Suunto at the track again. Thanks. :)

Levy Ang said...

congrats on your 11K pr!! tama ka, sometimes we get caught up with PRs and time that we don't get to enjoy the actual run itself. minus the slow start at the beginning of the race, sub-43 ka sa 10K for sure.

Tech Spec said...

hi levy,

Thanks. Lets keep on running and enjoy every bit our feet takes us while it still can. :)