Monday, June 9, 2008

Subic Bay Adventure

Last long weekend, I had the privilege to spend quality and quantity time with my family. We got to spend our vacation at Subic. Our 3 days and 2 nights stay in subic well worth it. It was basically a feasting vacation. I got to eat, eat and eat. My favorite restaurant was Meat plus where they served steak and burgers! I know I know, I shouldn't be indulging to much, but hey, its vacation and I don't get to eat this much that often. :) It was also a time where my family gets to shop, and I get to window shop. Oh, for those who are looking for a cheap heart rate monitor, I just saw a Nike Triax C5 heart rate monitor for 80 dollars. The exchange rate at subic last weekend was around 44.15 dollars so thats around P3532.00. That's a lot cheaper and cooler looking than a Timex HRM! For those who are curious where I found it, its located in the Duty Free shop beside the Meat Plus restaurant.
Of course, Subic vacation wouldn't be that great without my runs. So the best part is I get to run around subic area. Doing a morning run around subic feels fantastic. The fresh air and the wonderful atmosphere makes the run feel great. I was also able to do intervals at their Oval. For only 10pesos, I get to use their oval and I was able to calibrate my watch. At last, I felt my Suunto to be more accurate.
We also got to visit Joe's World. It was a place filled with so many activities. Unfortunately, its not that fully developed yet. But we still got to enjoy a train tour around the area, a kiddie play area, a kiddie theater, Obstacle Course, Winter Wonderland and a Jurassic area. The concept is really good and we are hoping to see more attractions next year.

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