Sunday, May 11, 2008

Action and Fitness Magazine

Truth be told and I've been a recent fan of the Action and Fitness Magazine. It's not because of their feature celebrity cover, but because this magazine is serious about promoting health, fitness and sports.

I've already got 3 issues and so far, I've been getting tons of tips and future sport endeavors from them. The best part is for P120 you'll definitely get your money's worth. Oh, you would even get a better bargain if you subscribe for 6 months or 12 months which is what I'm planning to do soon.

Last Saturday and Sunday (May 10 and 11) Action and Fitness magazine and other sponsors held a fitness event at the Fort Bonifacio High Street. The very first event was the 5K fun run, and I'm definitely in for this event. Since the Champion run would be on Sunday, I treated this fun run as an easy 5K in preparation for Sunday's event. I carried the 5min/km pacer flag and ran 4x around the Bonfacio High Street pacing with kuya Melvin. We finished 23mins and 53 seconds. Well it’s a little over the 5min/km target but I've measured the Bonifacio High Street loop and its 4.8KM only so I'm was almost running at a 5min/km and maybe just a few seconds faster.

The event was really fun and not to mention there were tons of sponsors. There were lots of freebies as well such as free flowing Aktivade, Sola, and to top all a free Action and Fitness Magazine! I've even been fortunate that they have been distributing different issues so I chose the issue that I still don't have.

The fun run was just the kick off event and there were plenty more such as the Navara Adventure, Wall Climbing contests by Tribu, and booths featuring many fitness gadgets including the Suunto watches.

Congratulations to Action and Fitness Magazine and to all the sponsors who participated in the event. Oh, and congratulations also to the MC, George Rocha who happens to be a crush back during my college days at La Salle.

This was my Saturday story... Now for my Sunday story at the 2nd Champion run is up next...


Marga said...

bro si george rocha nakakapag-half marathon na rin. :D

Tech Spec said...

Yeah, I've read from one issue. Yayain mo sa Mizuno run clinic.. hehe.