Monday, May 19, 2008

Enrolled at Fitness First the Fort

We are already approaching rainy season and this is the season where its so tempting to spend your mornings with your bed. The cold breeze of air makes you want to spend just another hour on sleep.

But for a runner, skipping those runs isn't an option. But this poise a problem when its raining. Yes there are some who will, in any cost even in expense of getting a cold would still run outside amidst an uncooperative weather. But for me, I think its too risky and the consequences might by lethal.

So I have 2 options:

1.) Buy a treadmill.

2.) Use a treadmill in a Gym.

The first option is too expensive. Yes I can create all the excuses I can to get me this cool gadget, but I've already spent too much this month. Besides, to spend 40K for a motorized treadmill can be spent for a nice Road Bike (This is also one of my dream machine). So I'm gearing toward buying myself a Road Bike first before a treadmill.

So this leaves me for the second option, which is way cheaper and to my opinion more beneficial. Not only will I be able to run even if its raining, but I can add strengthening exercises to help improve my runs. Another advantage is its walking distance from my work, so I got myself a locker and shower area. This gives me the advantage to run even after work at the fort area.

I've enrolled at Fitness First the Fort. I had my first treadmill session last week, and it feels alot harder for me than running outdoor. This may seem counter intuitive since most sites would say running outside is harder than running indoor. But I guess I'm not used to NOT feeling the breeze of the air and the view of the trees so it felt harder for me. A minute in a treadmill feels like 5minutes for me. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

Nevertheless I now got an option whenver its raining outside.


Anonymous said...

the problem with running on a treadmill is mostly mental. It maybe physically easier on the body, but it's just too boring. Kaya I only use it as a last resort when I can't go running outside.

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Levy Ang said...

hi taki,

always get to see you running fort area, like this am may kasama girl na naka-UP gig singlet ata. sorry didn't get to say hi and introduce myself kasi nasa bike ako, hehehe.

Tech Spec said...

Hi Levy, yeah I was at the fort this morning. I normally do my runs starting at Bonifacio High Street. The girl I was with was Reva. She's a triathlete. She won 3rd of her age category last SUBIT triathlon.

What time do you normally do your runs and bike? Maybe one of these days we could run together. Let me know. :) Ill be running again tomorrow.

Levy Ang said...

sige, taki, one of these days, although dyahe sa inyo dahil mabibilis kayo, hehehe. yup, i know madalas magplace si reva sa triathlon, am a regular visitor sa multiply site niya. also read somewhere na balak mo rin magtriathlon soon. ano pa hinihintay mo? sana pala sumali ka sa muna sa mga relay teams sa subit just get to soak in the atmosphere of triathlon races, masaya talaga.

Tech Spec said...

Hi Levy,

Okay lang noh.. Most of my runs are running with buddies and friends. It keeps you motivated and enjoy the run more. About triathlon, I will be joining my first olympic or sprint distance soon. I've already tried a sprint aquathlon and the only thing I need now is a Bike. Once I get myself a bike and with ample training with it, ill try the sport of triathlon.