Thursday, May 22, 2008

5K Run and First Gym Session

Because of my ankle injury I had to lessen my mileage for this week. The good thing is, I have enrolled myself already to a gym so I could get my strenghtening sessions.

This morning was my first session with a gym instructor. If you enroll yourself at fitness first, then you get 2 free tickets for a one on one session with a gym instructor. Should you wish to avail their multiple sessions package (10 - 25 sessions), there is a fee that you have to pay. I've yet to decide if I'd be availing the multiple sessions package.

Before my appointment with the gym instructor, I did my warm up already. Well, not quite a warm up, but it was a short 5K run around Bonifacio High Street for 21minutes. After my run, I did a few chat with my Fort Striders buddies, signed up for one of this sunday's race and headed to Fitness First.

I met up with a fitness first instructor Bernie who mentored me during my first formal try of their gym equipments. We started by filling up a fitness form and by analyzing my body fat percentage. The average for my age and height should be from 14% - 20%. My body fat percentage was 16.1%, so I guess I'm normal. We did lightweight exercises with 15 reps of 2 sets each. I felt great after the workout and ill definitely be back for another workout.


Jaymie said...

How're you liking the gym? Half the time I'm there I'm wishing I could be out running! hahaha

Tech Spec said...

Hi Jaymie,

About the gym, I'm really enjoying it. Plus the perks of being able to shower and walk to work right after a run and workout. But of course, nothing beats the joy running outside.

About running, I seldom use the treadmill, not unless its raining. I still get my morning runs. Then I get an appointment with my PT instructor for strengthening workouts. :)