Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rush to Mizuno Infinity Run 2

This was another anticipated race event and I wanted to beat my previous Mizuno race of 1:09. I was to stick with my racing partner Regie whatever the cost and that was the plan. Regie is younger, faster and he is the perfect pacing partner that will keep me motivated for the whole 15K stretch.

The run was ALMOST the same route as the previous infinity run but its a little bit longer this time because the route inside heritage was kinda changed. My watch also registered a whopping 10miler distance (16K) and garmin users registered 15.7KM which is near 16K. I would have suggested to call it the Mizuno Infinity 10miler instead.

The plan was simple: Overtake as many runners as possible (duh)... hehehe.

Anyway heres what was registered in my watch:

1 4:17 4:24
2 4:05 8:29
3 4:05 12:34
4 4:06 16:40
5 4:08 20:48
6 4:10 24:58
7 4:10 29:08
8 4:16 33:24
9 4:20 37:44
10 4:24 42:08
11 4:26 46:34
12 4:16 50:50
13 4:35 55:25
14 4:26 59:51
15 4:28 1:04:19
16 4:08 1:08:33

Avg Pace 4:17
Finish time: 1:08:33
Total Distance 16.01KM

The results are available in

My result though is incorrect. But looking at where Regie is, since his in front of me I'd be number 24.

I enjoyed the race very much. There may be room for improvement, but nevertheless I congratulate Rio for organizing this event. Lesson learned when organizing a race event is to make available shoots for each catgory. I still consider this race as an improvement to the previous race event.

After the race, chatted with my friends and got a few pictures. Also got a picture with my hero the Bald Runner (left in green).


Levy Ang said...


congrats on improving on your time even though the course was a bit longer than the first one. sabi ko nga ba may nabago sa routa. kaawa lang mga walang stopwatch sa finish, di malalaman ang totoong time nila, pero babawi yang si coach rio sa susunod na race.
sana may mizuno part 3 pa.

Tech Spec said...

Hi Levy,

Congrats din sayo and of course to all who finished the race. I saw your comment to Bald Runners blog. Sayang I didn't get to meet you again in person. Sa next race I hope to see you.

Anonymous said...

bilis mo kasi e. hirap ka tuloy mahagilap. By the time padating pa lang kami sa finish, pauwi ka na hehehe :D Congrats on your time!

- loonyrunner

marga said...

eustacio! hahaha. and my mission that time was to distract fast runners!