Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Tagaytay

For the second time, we have decided to spend our Christmas in tagaytay. Me and my wife had our first Christmas two years ago at Taal Vista, and we literally had a grand time. Now, we wanted our baby Meekha to experience with us Christmas for the first time at Taal Vista also. Early November, we have already reserved a room for my family.

We arrived at Taal Vista at around 10am. We were hoping to get an early check-in, unfortunately all the Rooms at the hotel were fully booked so we had to wait until 2pm before our room gets available. So, before checking in, we went to Leslie's and ate my favorite Sisig and Kare-kare (The ultimate running diet!).

After the sumptuous lunch, we strolled along the area to look for a shorts that I could use, for hopefully later. The day before, because of running addiction, I've worn all the shorts that I've packed. At Tagaytay, there were lots of ukay-ukay, but I didn't feel like buying any shorts from an Ukay. I also cant stand not getting any allergies when getting inside ukay shops. I'm terribly allergic to dust and mites which causes me to get asthma attacks. Fortunately, a grocery shop at Olivarez plaza are selling shorts for 99 pesos only. I bought one and we headed back to the hotel. We arrived around 1:30pm. Unfortunately again, the room wasn't ready yet, so we decided to get some drinks at the hotel's cafe at the ridge. The hotel had invited some performers dancing different Filipino traditional dance. Meekha liked the dance. She was almost watching the whole show without whinning at her stroller while her yaya was watching her. Me and Meng, had a papaya shake. We went back at the lobby and to my dissapointment, the room wasn't ready. They gave us welcoming drinks but it was unfortunate we had to check-in at around 3pm already. I didn't want to argue with any hotel personnel and besides, they were already having a hard time accomodating so many guests. After checking in, I already strapped in my running attire and checked out the gym. As expected, I only tried the treadmill. I found running in the treadmill too boring though, so I only spent around 20minutes in the gym and headed back to our room.

For Christmas dinner me and my wife were trying to decide were to have our date. The hotel was offering a set dinner for 1000++ peso each, or if we would look for a cheaper but descent place to eat dinner. We decided to try dinner at the "Botique" inn. Besides, if you would compare the set dinner this year to last year, this year wasn't as plenty as what we have experienced last year. At dinner, we had a Kani Salad, Pork Belly and a Fish Fillet. The food was really really good. We went back to the hotel, very satisfied and full. Around 10pm before Noche Buena, since we were already sleepy, we decided to start opening the gifts and sharing a glass of sparkling white grape juice. I shared a little bit about what Christmas is all about. Talked about how significant Christmas is. I talked about it was not just a celebration of Jesus birth, but also a reminder of our salvation because of His death. It is Christmas were we are reminded of God's goodness to bring salvation to mankind because of His death from on the cross. We were no longer able to wait until 12pm so we slept already.

In the morning, we had a breakfast buffet, and packed our things and checked-out early so that we can reach the Quintos Christmas party.

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