Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our Media Noche

Last year, we spent our new year at Bay Walk and this year we thought it would be nice to spend our New Year with my parents.
Our New Year this year was simply a simple dinner. It has already been a habbit of our family, for years now not to buy noisy fire crackers. We basically enjoy the time looking at our neighbor's fire crackers. What we have at my parent's place are simply sparklers and a party popper.
But it wasn't really the fireworks that I'm really excited about. It was the dinner and the time spent with family members.
For Media Noche, we had a caesar's salad as our appetizer. My mom calls it authentic Italian caesar salad since she got the dressing recipe from an italian chef during a europian cruise.
After the caesar salad, we had as usuall sotanghon. Since we were little until now, there was never a new year without sotanghon. I don't really know why, but it has already been a new year tradition to have sotanghon.
Then we had spaghetti afterwards. You know us pinoy, every occasion should have a spaghetti. Besides, not to brag, but my mom's spaghetti is really one of the best spaghetti in town. We liked mom's spaghetti so much such that no one even touched the callos.
Servced with our Media Noche dinner was a glass of red wine. I don't really drink, but I had a sip or red wine just for this occasion.
It was really a fine evening except for the fact that our daughter Meekha was having fever so I had to assist my wife in giving her sponge bath and paracetamol. Thank God that just this morning, her temperature is now back to normal.
Anyway, this is just my new year story. Happy New Year to All!

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