Thursday, December 13, 2007

Every Nation Sambang Gabi

I'm pretty excited for tomorrow morning's sambang gabi that will be held at our church around 4:30 am at The Fort Every Nation building beside Market Market. Its a time were we are reminded of the real purpose of Christmas. It is also a time were we begin to fellowship with our Lord Jesus.

Sometimes we are caught up with Christmas, that we tend to forget why we celebrate it at all. Christmas isn't just all about Santa Clause, nor is it about gifts and parties. It is a celebration of the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. What makes Christmas so special to us is that it is a celebration of our Victory against sin. It is the time where God has started fullfiling His promise of Salvation. For it is said in the Bible, it is by Grace that you have been saved, and indeed our salvation in Christ is worth celebrating.

After the Sambang gabi would be a time of fellowship and free flowing bibinkas. Anyone is invited. Come join us. Oh, and after the sambang gabi, ill be doing my usual morning runs.

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