Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Long Run From Guadalupe to Merville

Last Sunday, the day before we plan to go tagaytay, I decided to pay my parents at merville a visit. Luckily, it was sunday and it was my long run day. So what best to do my long run than to start running from Guadalupe to Merville.

530am and started doing my run starting with the usual warm up then headed inside fort bonifacio. The route was from gate 1 and then to mckinley toward gate 3. Then left to service road and right to Merville access road. Passing by the guard house, I greeted the guards Merry Christmas, and then headed to my parents house.

The long run wasn't really much of a long run since the distance was just around 10KM. But nevertheless it was fun, since it was a different route. I checked my watch and averaged a pace of 5:29 min/km.

I had breakfast, borrowed the car and drove to our place to pick up my wife and our baby so that meekha can visit her lolo and lola.


Passion Runner said...

Hi Taki!

Ka-village ko pala parents mo :)

Tech Spec said...

Hi passion runner,

Really you live at merville?

I lived there for more than half my life until I got married. I used to hang out a lot at the Belvedere park during basketball games.

Where do you live at Merville?