Monday, December 10, 2007

Trail Running Shoes on Concrete

Monday morning and the wheather isn't cooperating. But I just bought a Merrell Overdrive Gore-tex XCS trail running shoe yesterday and I really wanted to test it. It sounds foolish, but I really wanted to test the trail running shoes even on concrete roads at the fort area. Then it hit me. I could test the Gore-Tex capability of the shoes which will guarantee to keep my feet dry even from rain showers while still being breathable.

I decided to hit the road anyway. My plan was to do a complete loop at the fort which is approximately 8KM and head back home. There were some muddy areas along the side of the streets, and out of sheer curiosity on how trail running really feels, I decided to try running at that area. It didn't take that long though that I had to shift back to concrete roads cause there weren't enough dirt roads in the fort. As trickles of rain were pouring, I wondered how fast I could go with a trail running shoe on a wet concrete road. So I decided to run faster to a below 6:00 pace. As my feet kept on pounding the road I really felt that the shoe was quite heavy. A trail running shoe is definitely heavier than my New Balance 902, and not to mention that its super stiff. Sheesh!! what was I thinking! Why was I comparing my other running shoe with this trail shoe. Its designed to run on trails that is why is stiffer and heavier. The Gore-tex did work such that not a single drop of rain penetrated the shoe. It was also breathable as expected. Its not as comfortable though as my other running shoes most especially when I was climbing the 40 degree bridges.

So as I finished the loop I slowly jogged another kilometer going home. As I reached home, I looked at my Suunto T3 watch and it exactly told me that I ran 9KM with an average pace for the whole 9KM of 5:22/km. For me, it wasn't really that bad. It could be better, but for a trail running shoe, I wasn't dissapointed at all. I could use it for future trail runs, and other outdoor activities such as hiking.

Btw, if anyone knows of a place where I can do trail runs, let me know.


bEnMChAn said...

we usually do our trail runs in San Mateo and in La Mesa Eco Trail.

But it's been a long time narin since we had our last trail session. If you are near south naman try the trails in Sta Rosa.

BTW, all of these trails are mtbike trails. We just make use of the same trail and have fun looking at the bikers faces whenever they see us outrun them in the uphill sections. :)

goodluck with the shoes!

Tech Spec said...

Thanks ben. Ill try those trails. I live here at makati though, kaya medyo malayo. But I wouldn't mind visiting those places during one weekend. I'd probably try the La Mesa Eco Trail. thanks again for the advice.