Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Recovery walk in the park training

It has been 2 days since I had zero running, and I anticipated this day so that I could run again after recovering from my weekend 21K long run. As I arrived at the Net3 bldg of the fort I wanted to do my normal 5min/km tempo run. But to my dissapointment, my legs are still very heavy. Thats what I get for breaking the 10% rule. Now, the problem was my pace could go only as fast as 5:30min/km and I hated the idea so I stopped after a 1KM run. Good thing, after the short 5:30 run, joy (guy) friend was about to do his 8KM run. I volunteered to come along. He was pacing only for 6:30min/km pace and it was just an 8KM. Tagged along with us were 2 fort striders. As we were running, it was so easy my heart rate is taking only 60% of my effort. I wanted to move faster but I guess this was a good recovery session run while I'm still injured. Besides, I can't force myself if I still want to continue the 16K long run this sunday. As a consolation, I tried speeding up below 6min/km on uphills, and the last uphill hitting a 5:10min/km pace. After the run I know I could still do more, but its a bit late already and I have to go home to dress up for work.

As I was assesing the run, the 21KM training really helped in my endurance. I went home telling my wife I made an 8K walk in the park.

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