Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Fifth Octoberun Festival: The Start of a New Life 2

Our running club The Fort Striders will once again organize the 5th Octoberun Festival that will be held at the Fort Global City. Mark your calendar, its going to be on the 4th of October. Again like last year, the proceeds will go to The Real Life Foundation. You may register at R.O.X. and for more info please contact Felsie at CP:0908-4340208, Landline: 896-1954 or 890-2372.

If you experienced the Octoberun last year, then you’ll know why you could miss the October Fest but not the Octoberun.


Bro J said...

It was a very nice experience with our kids last year. We will join again.

Tech Spec said...

Bro J - I'm glad you enjoyed the race last year. :) See you and your family on October 4. :)